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Five compelling reasons to weigh cattle this autumn

As autumn sets in, and daylight hours become shorter, now is the time to prepare your livestock for the upcoming winter to ensure they maintain body weight and optimal condition over the cooler months.

Actively monitoring the weight of individual animals within a herd allows producers to identify good and poor performers and supports informed decisions that can have an immediate impact on profitability and animal health.

There are five key reasons why weighing livestock over autumn will bring long-term benefits to your operation.

Prepare stock for spring

Knowing your mob’s weights now, as well as target weights for spring, helps with planning an effective feeding regime for the winter period.

You can also identify if supplements will be needed to achieve those goals. Start thinking now about how much feed will be available through winter.

Set your heifers up for success

Monitoring a replacement heifer’s average daily gains over autumn and winter means you can ensure she’s tracking to reach her target weight and will be ready for joining in spring.

The benefits of ensuring a heifer is within her optimal weight range prior to joining have been well documented and shown to influence her health and fertility over the remainder of her life. Regular weighing allows you to make real-time decisions about supplementary feeding requirements that will have long-term effects on animal health, productivity, and profitability.

Focus on your top performers

Improve your bottom line by identifying top performers early. Focusing feeding efforts on these individuals to leverage their superior weight gains means you can turn them off quickly to make way for more stock.

The remainder of the mob with slower growth planes continue to graze, reducing high-value inputs for your operation and improving potential profitability.

Monitor for internal parasites

During the autumn and winter period, cattle can be at higher risk of gastrointestinal worms. Weighing your herd regularly helps to identify ambiguities in individual animals and any downward weight trends which could signal potential health issues, such as worms.

Measure for carbon emissions

The red meat industry has an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. Weight is a critical factor when determining an animal’s efficiency in the production of beef and is an important part of the process of measuring and calculating methane.

The more accurate your data, the better decisions you can make to improve your herd’s carbon efficiency.

Tru-Test Remote Walk Over Weighing

Tru-Test by Datamars Livestock offers a range of weighing solutions, including walk over weighing systems, as well as in-paddock four- and two-foot weighing options, to capture liveweight at the individual animal level, without the need for human intervention or contact.

The data is processed and delivered via cloud technology and used to generate daily online weighing reports that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. These powerful insights help to identify trends and better manage your herd.

With no need to move stock to the yards to collect weights, animals will be less stressed and conserve valuable energy over the cooler months. Importantly, you will have more time to reassign labour and resources to other parts of the business.

Hear from producers Warren and Meg Salter from the Darling Downs, Queensland, on how they use Remote Walk Over Weighing in their beef operation in this video.

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