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Future-proof your farming business with Elders and Rural Bank

Recent rain events in Central, Northern and Western Queensland have arrived late, but conditions in these regions have been ideal for growing feed. Coupled with a buoyant cattle market, producers in the area are looking to capitalise on their success by retaining cattle to build herd numbers.

The positive change in climatic conditions and unwavering demand for cattle has growers experiencing a surge in confidence. This is necessitating a shift in financial preparedness.

Through Elders’ relationship with Rural Bank, Agribusiness Relationship Managers offer primary production banking solutions.

Meet Linda Paterson from Rural Bank Rockhampton

Based in Rockhampton with Agribusiness Relationship Assistant Sarah Wells, and partner Agribusiness Relationship Manager Kate McLaren, Linda Paterson says that whilst “summer 2021/2022 did not deliver in all areas, an unusually wet late summer and autumn has provided a great start to long term pasture recovery.”

Linda travels on-farm to visit clients throughout Central and Northern Queensland, the Central Highlands, and Central Western Queensland, and has enjoyed seeing previously dry districts experiencing a favourable season.

“Despite a decade of challenging conditions, it has been pleasing that many farm businesses have adapted and continued to operate which is a testament to their resilience and financial resolve.

“Long term confidence in the industry has put many growers in the area in the position to consider expansion or improvement to farmland and livestock carrying capacity, and Rural Bank is here to help,” says Linda.

Rural Bank offer term loans and seasonal lending to facilitate planned growth and versatility to seize opportunities.

Linda’s personal approach, local expertise and strong relationship with the Elders network facilitates a deep understanding of her clients’ farm businesses.

Whether it be planning for tomorrow’s growth or Farm Management Deposits (FMDs), Linda is equipped with the local knowledge needed to provide the high standard of service her clients know.

When not on-farm with clients, Linda, Kate and Sarah can be found at bull sales and auctions. “Elders usually gives us a call out from the selling deck at stud sales and property auctions and we welcome enquires about how we can help at any time,” says Linda.

Find out what Elders, through our relationship with Rural Bank offer including a range of products such as loans, deposits and Farm Management Deposits.

To speak with an Agri Finance Manager, call 1300 618 367 or contact your local Elders branch.

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