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Gallagher commits to a sustainable future with Landcare

For over 50 years, Gallagher has been committed to supporting Australian farmers by providing farm-fit solutions to help simplify the challenges faced by those working on the land.

Gallagher recognise that their simple to install, yet effective electric fencing solutions increasingly assist landholders to achieve not only more productive and profitable farming systems but help make them more sustainable as well.

“Our excitement for, and commitment to ongoing support for the important work done by Landcare groups and members across Australia stems from the knowledge that electric fencing solutions make implementing sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation simpler and more achievable.” said Malcolm Linn, Gallagher Australia general manager.

“Our tools can make a real difference to the future of sustainable agriculture and conservation in Australia and can help facilitate change by supporting these Landcare groups.”

Landcare Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation which supports over 6,000 groups and more than 100,000 volunteers with Landcare projects that are focused on sustainable land management practices and environmental conservation.

Gallagher commenced its partnership with Landcare Australia in 2018, by sponsoring the Sustainable Agriculture stream at the National Landcare Conference and with the donation of electric fencing products to support several Landcare projects across the country.

Following the success of these projects in 2018 – which included fencing cattle out of an area of vegetation to support the recovery of the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and electrifying the exclusion fence around a breeding enclosure for the Bush Stone Curlew in Central Victoria – Gallagher cemented themselves as true advocates for caring for the land by formally supporting 13 projects through the 2019 Gallagher Landcare Fencing Grants.

“We started to see and hear about the positive impacts that protecting these areas using Gallagher electric fencing solutions were having on the goals the Landcare groups were looking to achieve – this encouraged us to believe that by continuing our support, we could truly help make an impact on the future care of the land in Australia,” Mr Linn said.

When it comes to solutions fit-for-purpose, the Gallagher Westonfence Permanent Electric Fencing solution has been the front runner for projects looking to exclude animals from entering an area; in 2019 this involved protecting the habitat of the endangered Western Swamp Tortoise in Western Australia from incursion by feral pigs, as well as providing a safe lambing paddock and haven for the Southern Brown Bandicoot in south-western Victoria.

The robust solution can be quicker to install than traditional fence options, meaning labour costs for these not-for-profit Landcare groups are greatly reduced. For more experienced landholders, the need to hire a fencing contractor is likely removed entirely, meaning funding can be used more impactfully for additional requirements such as seedlings and tree guards for planting shelter belts.

Versatile and effective electric fencing solutions are the backbone of what Gallagher can offer land carers, and it is these solutions that the innovative company identifies as being of most use to Landcare groups.

Complementing the versatile nature of these fences is the range of Gallagher Portable Solar Energizers; another well-established aspect of the offering from Gallagher that lends itself perfectly to the needs of Landcare projects.

“Many of the Landcare projects supported by Gallagher over the past four years are in remote areas, with no access to reliable mains power. We are so pleased to be able to offer a reliable electric fencing solution for the projects we are supporting, no matter their location.”

The commitment by Gallagher to a sustainable future doesn’t stop at supporting improved grazing management and environmental conservation projects in Australia. More environmentally conscious choices are being made from the top down, with the company’s New Zealand team undertaking several initiatives in 2021 aimed at reducing plastic used in the manufacturing and packaging of its products. The newest design of the Solar Energizer will save 28 tonnes of plastic per year and continues to revolutionise the portability of the product range, making it even more user friendly.

In 2021, Gallagher supported another 14 projects around Australia, focused on improving grazing management and conservation. In February, applications will open for the 2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants. For more information, head in-store or visit the Gallagher website.

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