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Gallagher water tool perfect for small farms

Water is a precious resource, so losing any through leaks wastes not only the water itself, but time spent in trying to find the leak.

The new Gallagher Water Flow Indicator, which has won an International Innovation Award at one of the southern hemisphere’s largest agricultural events, Fieldays, offers the perfect solution to finding water leaks faster.

Gallagher marketing manager Ben Winter said the Gallagher Water Flow Indicator, which was developed by former farmer Murray Jones in conjunction with Gallagher, is well suited to small-acreage farms.

“If farmers think there’s a water leak on their property, they can often spend quite a bit of time looking for it. It’s really like the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ – where do you begin? It’s necessary to find the leak, but the time spent is completely frustrating'” said Mr Winter.

“This water-monitoring tool offers an easy way for farmers to see what is going on inside their pipes. That was actually one of the main comments that came up in our on-farm research: farmers said how handy it would be to be able to see inside their irrigation pipes. Is water flowing through when it should be? And conversely, is water flowing through when valves or taps are not turned on?”

Mr Winter said by installing the Gallagher Water Flow Indicator at important junctions in water lines, the tool enabled farmers to find leaks easily because they can visually check for abnormal water flow.

Easy visual guide

The device comprises a clear piece of piping with an orange impellor in the middle, which spins as water flows through the system, thus plainly showing any irregular water flow, water direction and speed.

If there’s no water flowing through the line, the impellor won’t spin, so you know your lines are full and you don’t have a leak. If you identify there is a leak, then it’s a matter of isolating that block or the affected water lines while you fix the leak.

The Gallagher Water Flow Indicator is compatible with standard pipe fittings and fits most water lines. It’s available in 32 millimetre (one-and-a-quarter inch) and 50 millimetre (two-inch) sizes. The high quality, UV-resistant, engineering-grade plastic is easy to install and clean.

Gallagher has easy-to-follow videos on their website, which show step by step how to install the water-monitoring tool.

“For Gallagher as a company, the innovation award celebrates the very essence of who we are and what we do: we are customer inspired and work closely with farmers to develop clever, yet simple solutions to their problems. In this case, it’s a highly frustrating problem, albeit common,” said Mr Gallagher.

“Conserving water makes both economic and environmental sense, and in some regions, this tool may also help with compliance.”

“Like all Gallagher solutions, the Gallagher Water Flow Indicator is designed to improve farm productivity and thus profitability, and like many of our tools, it gives a quick visual assessment and instant peace of mind.

“We’ve found it’s been particularly popular for use on small-acreage farms.”

Article written by Gallagher for Seasons magazine.

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