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Gate fittings that last

Cyclone provides a large range of gate fittings to suit all gates and strainer types.

From steel or timber to concrete, Cyclone has all your gate fitting needs covered. All Cyclone gate fittings come hot dipped galvanised,  providing you with added corrosion protection which is far superior to other gate fittings on the market.

Cyclone’s hot dipped galvanised gate fittings were put to the test in their local laboratory with some interesting results. Three different gate fittings were tested: a Cyclone hot dipped galvanised gate fitting (cyclone gate fitting), and two different zinc electroplated (zinc electroplated 1 and zinc electroplated 2) gate fittings. All gate fittings were installed in a timber post and subjected to an accelerated salt spray environment for three months (1,500 hrs). These were the results:

  • Within the first 500 hours the zinc electroplated 1 had jumped up to 72 per cent corrosion while the zinc electroplated 2 was at 12 pre cent. The Cyclone gate fitting had only reached 7 per cent corrosion.
  •  At 1,000 hours, the ineffectiveness of the zinc electroplated gate fitting was starting to show. The zinc electroplated 1 had reached 86 per cent, zinc electroplated 2 had skyrocketed up to 72 per cent corrosion, while the Cyclone gate fitting had risen slightly to 26 per cent.
  • At the end of the 1,500 hours, zinc electroplated 1 was 95 per cent corroded and zinc electroplated 2 was 100 per cent corroded. In contrast, the Cyclone gate fitting had only reached 30 per cent corrosion.

The test conditions, gate samples and salt solution were conducted to meet Australian standards and red rust was used as the determinant of coating degradation and failure. This test really demonstrated the anti-corrosive power of hot dipped galvanised gate fittings.

Corrosion to gate fittings can create all sorts of issues. The corrosion can migrate to your gate and could also get into your wire, damaging the entire integrity of the fence line.

Peter Reeves, Cyclone’s New South Wales state sales manager says he has seen too often what can happen when farmers get it wrong.

“A fence line is only as strong as it’s weakest link. When you use the wrong gate fittings you are creating that weakest link which will soon infect the entire integrity of the fence line,” he said.

Cyclone’s gate fittings may not look the shiniest and may not have gleam and colour, but their rugged look is what allows them to outperform other gate fittings on the market.

“I know our gate fittings aren’t the best to look at, but this allows them to last longer. I would recommend you give them a try, I think you will be surprised,” Peter said.

Do you need help selecting the right gate fitting? The Cyclone website now has a new feature – the gate fitting picker tool. It’s a great way to logically select the right gate fitting. Just pick the type of Cyclone gate you have purchased, then select your strainer post material (timber, steel or concrete); then select your fitting.  You can thenprint the flyer or  download it straight to your phone or computer and take to your local Elders supplier.

Elders offers a wide range of Cyclone products.

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Article written by Cyclone for Seasons magazine.