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Are you looking for a rewarding career in agriculture? Elders has a variety of roles.

Generations in pink

Farming families are the backbone of the Australian agricultural industry and its communities.

While the face of farming has changed over the course of Elders’ 183 years as farms pass through generations, the role of family remains integral to the entire supply chain, and indeed to the fabric of rural communities.

Although large, Elders remains rooted in agricultural communities and full of families – with siblings, spouses, parents and offspring all proudly working together in the pink shirt.

The Gogel family from the south-east of South Australia are one such proud Elders family. Mum Wendy, Dad Laryn, and now daughter Carly have together racked up 35 years with Elders.

Carly currently works as the sales support officer in the Naracoorte branch and says “Elders is not only an employer, but is an extension of our family.”

“It is a fantastic support network when things get tough, and everyone is there to help celebrate when times are good,” – Carly Gogel, SSO Naracoorte.

Carly has been with Elders for four years, following in her mum’s footsteps, who worked with Elders for 10 years, also as a sales support officer across the south-east. Carly recalls from a young age attending numerous sheep, cattle, ram and bull sales, rain, hail or shine with her father Laryn who is the livestock manager for southern SA and area manager. Some might say agency is in her genes.


The Gogel family are all incredibly passionate about the work they do and the agricultural industry.

This passion, combined with being a close-knit family,allows them to maintain a good work life balance – although they do admit that kitchen table conversations too often turn to work.

Laryn’s role as livestock manager for southern SA means that his work often crosses paths with his daughters’.

Laryn Gogel, livestock manager for southern SA.

Carly’s role at Naracoorte involves attending the store and stud sales conducted at the branch, as well as helping neighbouring branches. She is passionate about her work and ensuring the sales run smoothly for her Elders team and the clients.

Carly jokes “we all look fantastic in pink!”

“Elders is a very supportive business that encourages personal growth as well as offering endless opportunities for career development.”

Both Laryn and Wendy are proud to see Carly pave her own way within Elders.

“Having been an Elders family for a number of years and understanding the number of opportunities that the business offers we were thrilled when Carly was given the chance to join the pink team,” Laryn says.

“Agriculture has always been a passion of Carly’s and we are so pleased to see her pursuing a career where we knew she would thrive in.”

Header image: The Gogel family, from left to right: Carly, Wendy and Laryn. 

Are you looking for a rewarding career in agriculture? Elders has a variety of roles.

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