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Get a better return on investment with Waratah fencing

When you mention the word ‘fencing’, most people immediately think, ‘significant upfront cost and no long-term benefit’.

But it needn’t be that way. With good planning and smart product choices you can turn that pain into a return on investment (ROI).

If you’re finding an increase in wild animals inundating your property this harvest season, you’re not alone.

Before contacting Waratah, Grenfell cropping farmers Simon Nowlan and Robert Grimm were facing serious losses with kangaroos eating between 50 to 60 hectares of crop per year.

“The (kangaroo) populations were getting out of hand. We were seeing mobs of 200 to 300 kangaroos at a time,” Robert said.

Both Simon and Robert knew they couldn’t continue like this any longer, deciding to upgrade their farming operations by getting in contact with Waratah for strong and reliable exclusion fencing solutions.

Simon’s fence was installed using Waratah’s 12/115/15 Stocksafe-T® Longlife Blue® wire with apron, three-lines of 2.00 mm high tensile barbed wire and 210 cm JiO® Star® and 24 cm JiO® MaxY® posts.

Robert chose Waratah’s 15/150/15 Stocksafe-T® Longlife Blue® wire with apron, 3 lines of 2.00 mm High tensile barb, using 210 cm JiO® Star® and 240 cm JiO® MaxY® posts.

Both fence designs proved to be an effective defense, not only against kangaroos jumping the fence, but also from other feral animals who, with the added apron, could no longer burrow under the fence.

Within the first year of having the fence erected it was showing significant growth in both productivity and return on his investment.

“We got the fence up last year and have already had success,” said Simon.

“It’s saving an extra 100 tonne of wheat and barley, giving us approx. $71,000 in extra income since installing the fence.”

Simon and Robert both agree – if you want something to last and have longevity, Waratah is the only way to go.

Article written by Waratah for Seasons magazine. 

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