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Glenrae Selling After 95 Years

The opportunity to acquire a vertically integrated rural holding near Waikerie in South Australia will soon be available to the market.

Visionary innovator and co-founder of Mallee Sustainable Farming, Allen Buckley, along with wife Jenny are selling Glenrae Holdings on a walk in walk out basis, comprising approximately 18,166 acres in total (of which approximately 9300 acres is sewn this season), an impressive 1,600 capacity sheep feedlot complex, 2050mt sealed cone silo facility, 10ML guaranteed industrial water licence, selected breeding ewes, extensive plant and equipment and even intellectual property, including the trademarks, Ready Roast and Ezi Lamb.

The improvements to Glenrae are considerable with the highlight being the design and construction of the feedlot. The simplicity and automation of the process enables the orderly turning off of healthy animals at a targeted weight.

“Glenrae is an operation which can extract the spot benefits of commodity price movements and opportunities, as a result of having both the grain storage and feedlot capacity and segregation.” commented Elders Rural Sales Executive, Adam Chilcott.

Mr Buckley is a pioneer of no-till farming, a practice which has been largely adopted in Australia’s cropping regions and credited with yield and soil improvement and preservation. Other advancements to broad acre productivity on Glenrae have come through many trial sites, collaboration projects and original ideas. Mr Buckley’s knowledge, methods and achievements are held in high regard. In addition to the David Roget Award for Excellence in 2018, he is regularly invited to attend and speak at industry events across Australia and internationally.

Mr Buckley has focussed recent efforts on exploring virtual fencing and planting multi-species cover crops and believes these concepts and techniques will create long-term benefits for the region.

Elders Riverland Sales Manager, David Kanizay expects interest in such a large and diversified holding will be widespread during the expression of interest process, closing on the 14th August 2020.

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