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Gold the new standard for wheat

Commercially available for the first time this season, a new variety of wheat, Gold, is wowing agronomists with its yields, protein, low screenings and resilience.

Elders technical services manager Maree Crawford said Gold, which has been involved in National Variety Trials over the last three years, averaged 15 per cent protein and was ideal for northern NSW and Queensland.

“Not only does Gold perform in tough conditions, it’s a high yielding AH-classified wheat and performs really well as a feed wheat for feedlots,” Ms Crawford said.

She said that, even in summer-dominant rainfall zones where follow-up rain after planting during winter was unreliable, Gold thrived.

“Gold’s proven over the last three years that it can perform in those types of conditions,” Ms Crawford said.

“It can maintain yields comparable to some of the benchmarks out there like Spitfire, Suntop and Gregory but is two percentage points higher in protein than most varieties, with low screenings.”

Gold is an intermediate maturing wheat that can be planted from autumn through to winter.

“From a water-use efficiency point of view, you can get it in, get it off and either rest your country or double crop where there is the opportunity ,” Ms Crawford said.

“Good yield, low screenings, high test weights, high protein are all the things that mean money and Gold has all of that.”

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