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Nev and Brooke Hollins, Burraboi, Southern NSW

Hard to kill weeds target in Southern pre-seeding strategy

Nev and Brooke Hollins are third generation farmers from Burraboi, Southern NSW, with a farming enterprise of 3500ha of dryland and flood/pivot irrigation.  Their property predominantly grows rice over summer months and cereal and legumes over winter. As long time users of FMC’s Hammer, they realise the importance of pre-emergent strategy in targeting weeds, particularly in a moderate rainfall area.

The Hollins’ have been using this product on the advice of Elders Swan Hill agronomist Shaun Krahnert for the last 5 years, and say this product in particular has had a significant effect on hard to kill weeds.

“We predominantly use Hammer prior to seeding with glyphosate or paraquat and have had great success,” says Nev.

“We’ve noticed it’s particularly effective and quick on weeds like marshmallow that are commonly difficult to get rid of,” he says.

Nev says the idea behind their use of Hammer is to target a wide range of hard to kill small broadleaf weeds early in the season to prevent issues later on.

“This season we will be using Hammer as a spike with our pre-seeding knockdown product on all pre-irrigated paddocks,” he says.

“If we get a significant rainfall event prior to seeding we will most likely use some on the dryland as well.”

After a number of years providing agronomic advice in the Swan Hill area, Shaun says that weed control pre-seeding is one of the most important elements of a seeding program.

“Products like Hammer are essential in many situations to ensure we get strong and reliable results, taking some of the unpredictability of the season away.”