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Harnessing the power of biology in Horticulture

The Holy grail for horticultural growers is effectively using the power of nature to leverage paid inputs for their crop.

Traditionally, fertiliser programs often have been applied with no consideration for the billions of living organisms in the soil which can be beneficial to soil health and plant growth. More efficient fertiliser and water use using the power of nature is now a reality.

There is a wave of interest developing in biological products, bio-stimulants and softer chemistries designed to improve soil and plant health.

Omnia Specialities is a company who have a deep interest in soil health, producing a range of organic plant nutrition products, biologicals and supplying traditional foliar and water-soluble fertilisers.  Their Sales and Marketing Manager Darren Thomas said, “We are committed to sharing with growers what we know about biologicals and how to get the best results from them. Our two products Rhizovator and Bacstim really do use biology to efficiently leverage soil nutrients and water. Our trials have demonstrated a synergistic effect when the two products are applied together and we have been building a library of trial results to give growers confidence to apply these products this spring.”

Mr Thomas added, “Bacstim 100 contains 5 different strains of Bacillus bacteria which provide the following benefits for horticultural crops; Improved nutrient mineralization and uptake, production of phytohormones encouraging root growth, increased leaf chlorophyll levels and Increased crop biomass and yield. Healthy plants are also naturally more resistant to disease.”

“Rhizovator is the ideal tank mix partner for Bacstim products as it has been formulated to feed the microbial life in the soil and encourage biological diversity. Rhizovator feeds the native micro-organisms as well as the introduced bacillus species from Bacstim. Beneficial fungi spread through the soil and bring water and nutrients to the plant that might otherwise have not been available. Improving the biological diversity may make the soil environment naturally unfavourable for disease pathogens. This may lead to reduction in disease infection and increased water and nutrient uptake, delivering healthier plants with increased resilience to disease delivering improved crop yield potential,” said Mr Thomas.

Bacstim and Rhizovator can be applied to a range of perennial or annual horticultural crops.  Applications are made just prior to major root growth periods. In annual vegetables this means at least two applications at 2-6 weeks after planting and with tree or vine crops 2 applications early and mid-spring.

For more information go to www.omnia.com.au or contact your nearest Elders Agronomist.

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