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Hot Dipped Galvanising: it just works

Cyclone not only sell the most popular gate range in Australia; they also offer individual gate fittings & gate fitting packs to complement the range!

When choosing a gate fitting there are some important things to consider – from the type of strainer post material you are using, right through to the coating used on the fitting. Cyclone have gate fittings for steel, timber and concrete posts. Their wide range of fittings continue to grow, covering everything from replacing an old fitting component to supplying an all-in-one set to hang your new gate. But most importantly, Cyclone’s fittings are designed to last.

Cyclone gate fittings are hot dipped galvanised which means they are coated to last up to 3 times longer than ordinary electroplated gate fittings. Cyclone’s National Sales manager, Andrew Thoms says, “Cyclone’s hot dipped galvanised gate fittings deliver superior protection against corrosion, resulting in less time and money spent replacing faulty rusted fittings”. So whilst galvanised fittings might look more ‘rugged’ than electroplated fittings, they have been proven to outperform – watch the time-lapse salt spray video on the Cyclone website to see more –

Choose the rugged looking gate fittings that perform! Choose Cyclone!

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