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How post-emergence nutrition affects broadacre crops

Post-emergence in broadacre crops is a critical time to set up crops for flowering, pollination, and harvest. Plants undergo extreme growth at this time, which means proper nutrition is crucial to support this growth. Post-emergence nutritional sprays boost nutrition easily during this growth stage.

“Providing nutrients at early establishment and pollination are critical to maximising yield and profitability. Strong flowering and good pollination will set the plant up for good seed setting and yield,” Stoller technical manager Domenic Cavallaro said.

Vital trace elements aid in the metabolic processes of plants, and any imbalance in the hormone cycles at any time can stop a plant from reaching its full genetic potential. Ensuring you have the right levels is key to ensuring a healthy crop. Copper, manganese, and zinc are all needed to synthesise proteins and create chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is needed for the process of photosynthesis and, when photosynthesis is impacted, it can lead to a reduction in yield. Zinc is needed for auxin production, a plant hormone that is vital for vegetative growth. Zinc deficiency will also cause plants to have more problems with “sucking insects” and with unchecked zinc deficiency yields can be greatly reduced.

Stoller’s products and programs are built on this understanding – the link between nutrients, physiology, hormones and crop health. When plants are functioning at their best, yield, quality and production benefits will follow. Healthy crops are also less susceptible to pests, diseases, and environmental stress like drought and frost.

Stoller’s Action 10 is a specifically-formulated calcium product that promotes root growth, improves pollination, and improves stress tolerance in broadacre crops. Calcium is the building block for cell walls in new tissue. It makes strong cells that assist in higher marketable yield and better fruit shelf life. Post-emergence is the ideal time to apply it on your broadacre crop, improving nutrition and strengthening the plant, ready for flowering.

The calcium in Action 10 signals auxin movement, which in turn improves pollen tube formation and pollen viability, leading to increased pollination. The polysaccharides in Action 10 provide energy to the plant for increased photosynthesis. The Amino Acids are precursors to stress resistance, hormone activity, increasing root growth, and photosynthesis.

Action 10:

  • aids root growth
  • improves root biological rhizosphere
  • strengthens plant establishment with improved uniformity
  • improves pollination
  • maximises yield potential and increased profits
  • builds strong cells and promotes healthy growth
  • creates plants less susceptible to pests, diseases, and physical failure.

Article written by Stoller for Seasons magazine. 

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