Importance of safety highlighted by Bill Moore - Elders Rural Services

Importance of safety highlighted by Bill Moore

Elders’ west zone technical services manager, Bill Moore has been commended with the Company’s national monthly One Elders Award for Safety.

The One Elders Awards recognise team members for going above and beyond in their role in three categories; safety, operational performance and sales performance.

Mr Moore was awarded the safety award for consistently demonstrating safety leadership within the zone through his contributions to safe handling, storage and transport of chemicals. Leading by example, Mr Moore regularly communicates safety concerns and opportunities for improvement to the zone team.

Mr Moore says, “safety is something that we have to think about every day at work. When we are working in an environment where there are inherit risks, such as the storage and transport of agricultural chemicals, we can’t be complacent.”

“Working across the network I get to see our team respond to situations every day. This inspires me to continually encourage the culture of working in a safe environment,” Mr Moore said.

Elders’ zone farm supplies manager, Andrew Gibson says Mr Moore’s accountability and teamwork when it comes to safety is second to none.

“The One Elders Award recognises Bill’s leadership, support and encouragement to the network to adopt safer practices, especially when it comes to handling, storing and transporting chemicals,” Mr Gibson said.

Mr Gibson added that, “Bill’s technical knowledge of chemicals, and his willingness to apply this to safety, makes him an even more valuable contributor in the Zone, and demonstrates his commitment and passion for Elders.”

Mr Moore’s safety award provides the opportunity to attend the Elders annual awards night in Adelaide this December, and puts him in the running to win the overall national safety award amongst other high-performers from across the country.