In Your Corner: A Note from Our CEO - Elders Rural Services

In Your Corner: A Note from Our CEO

Elders has backed farmers and supported Australian agriculture for 180 years.
Built on a foundation of trust, service and longevity, we have been a constant in the agricultural landscape. For us, 180 years of serving Australian agriculture is an opportunity to celebrate and thank our clients and employees. We are proud to tell the stories of some of our long-standing customers, and to hero the innovation and resilience shown by farmers across our country.

Whilst this is a significant occasion for us, we remain focused on driving the success of our country’s farmers. We’re also focusing on the future and our purpose for creating positive change for the sector.

Australian agriculture is pursuing a bold vision – to reach $100 billion in agricultural production by 2030. To achieve this objective, we cannot afford to sit still. Elders will continue to evolve alongside the industry, growing our operations and service offerings to all Australian farmers.

180 years of on-the-ground experience brings with it a high level of specialist knowledge. We will continue to provide our clients with research, technology and evidence based insights that will further enhance the productivity in their business and Australian agriculture.

We continue to invest in technical support for clients and industry, and ensure that R&D is relevant, practical and effective. Collaboration with industry remains at the core of what we do. We have been with Australia’s farmers throughout their successes and challenges, and we remain dedicated to helping positively shape decision-making, driving profitability and growth.

Despite constant change, Elders’ core purpose remains the same. We continue to proudly stand with our clients, backing Australia’s farming communities in rural and regional Australia.

For the next 180 years and beyond – Elders, always in your corner.

Mark Allison
CEO and Managing Director