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In Your Corner: The Wadlow’s story

The Wadlows are intrinsically tied to Elders.

If you go far back enough, you’ll find Nick Wadlow is related to Sir Thomas Elder, who started the Elders business back in 1839. He drove the extension of pastoral land into untouched parts of South Australia, including the mid-North where Nick and his family breed some of the best merino in the country.

Nick’s wife Kate is also from this land. Originally an Ashby, her family have a “long history of breeding sheep and working the land” and it’s on these grounds that the Wadlows value their close community so strongly, and the role that Elders have played within it.

“Being an SA company is important to us,” says Nick.

“Our local Elders is very involved in the community and we value that.”

The couple have just taken out Supreme Exhibit at the Royal Adelaide Show, the first time since 1994. Both proud and humble about their achievements, they’re generous in recognising the team at Burra who are linked to their success.

“Sharyn and all the Elders guys are part of our everyday life. Shaz will always give you the time of day. She’s my buddy,” says Kate.

Just as Elders wouldn’t be anything without its clients, the Wadlow family say they wouldn’t be complete without the Elders team.

“I can’t remember when we didn’t have Elders in our household – they’ve always been part of the furniture. Not just in work, but across the community and local area. Elders have been part of everything we do,” says Kate.

“Our kids grew up with them. They’re part of the family.”

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