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Innovative engineering: the next best thing to rain

Farming in 2022 shows just what hard yakka, ingenuity and innovation can achieve.

In 1963, the Universal Harvester A31 Unibeam seeder was the talk of Field Days. It scored the “Implement of Merit” Award for revolutionizing planting. Roll forward to 2022 and seed drones are the latest gadget able to plant thousands of trees in a day.

Advances in precision agriculture help maximize efficiencies while innovative irrigation tech is lifting productivity with remote monitoring and real-time data.

Experts say water use will continue to be a major future focus for farming innovation. Stories from around the globe remind us of the scarce supplies of fresh water and our responsibility to use it wisely.

This is one reason Plasson is committed to manufacturing the highest-quality leak-free poly pipe fittings.

Plasson believes every drop counts, so cheaper components or cut-price materials that introduce the potential for costly leaks are simply not an option.

Imagine a rural compression fitting designed to seal the instant it goes on the pipe – a fitting that seals water-tight before you tighten the nuts and without the need for any special tools. Plasson’s ingenious rural fitting design does this and delivers huge benefits. After all, the quicker it is to join pipe or fix a broken connection the better.

So, what is the secret to making a fitting that seals water-tight instantly? It is Plasson’s innovative O-Ring design.

The O-Rings are held captive in the body of the fitting in a specially designed groove. This clever piece of engineering stops the O-Rings from falling out, being contaminated or easily damaged, unlike other compression fittings.

The benefits don’t stop there. The Plasson O-Ring design also eliminates the need for excessive tightening, a leading cause of compression fitting leaks.

Plasson rural fittings handle Aussie conditions and feature a longer body design and strong grip rings to guard against blow outs. Fittings are UV stabilized for a long service-life and perform in hot and cold climates. Plasson’s longer red barbs also deliver reliable leak-free joins to both metric and imperial sized poly pipe from 3/4” up to 2”.

Article written by Plasson for Seasons magazine. 

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