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Insect protection a top priority for emerging pasture this season

Alan Strachan, backed by his agronomist, Rob Harrod of Albury, is placing his confidence in Pyrinex Super for insect protection this pre-emergent season, after seeing the impact of inadequate cover on pasture.

Alan farms 1,800 hectares at Balldale, comprised of mixed farming; wheat, canola, barley, oats, pasture, lucerne and livestock, including Merino ewes, first cross lambs, second cross lambs, and 80 beef cattle. After a disastrous season two years ago sowing a large amount of pasture, Alan says he wishes he had used a better protection product sooner.

“When I sowed pasture previously, it was wet and I couldn’t get back to treat for insects. There was a high degree of insect damage to the emerging pasture,” said Alan.

“On the back of this, Rob recommended I try Pyrinex Super. This has been so effective in protecting the emerging pasture that I’ve expanded its use to canola country, coming out of pasture. The product has protected the emerging pasture and canola from a range of insect pests, including red legged earth mite, blue oat mite and lucerne flea,” he says.

Rob says that ensuring his clients have a broad spectrum and highly compatible product to incorporate within their pre-emergent spraying is important to set them up for success down the track.

“When I’m looking for a bare earth treatment for small seeded crops like canola and lucerne, it’s important to ensure that crops are going to be protected from a wide range of chewing and sucking insects, such as earthmites and cutworms, for the vital weeks following emergence,” says Rob.

“Pyrinex is a mix of two complimentary actives. This gives me the confidence as an adviser that I am minimising the risk of developing insect resistance to insecticides on clients’ properties – that’s important to me.”

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