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International Day of Rural Women

In the lead up to today’s International Day of Rural Women (IDRW), Elders have featured a handful of women across social media who play an important role in the Elders business and help to shape their corner of the Australian agriculture industry. Importantly, we recognise their contribution to the success of Elders, and the industry more widely

It goes without saying that women have been crucial to the ongoing success of the Elders business over our 182-year life span, says Elders CEO Mark Allison.

Women make up 42 per cent of Elders’ workforce and 50 per cent of the Elders Board. Encouraging adequate female representation at all levels of the industry, and in all types of roles, has been a growing focus for our business.

Elders Chief Financial Officer Tania Foster describes the people of agriculture, across all genders, as “practical, passionate and resilient” and that women are key to the success of the broader industry.

“With the agriculture sector becoming more sophisticated; increasingly digital, greater numbers of rules and regulation, addressing climate change and innovation driving productivity, women with a passion for agriculture, knowledge and education have an increasingly important role to play,” says Ms Foster.

“Agriculture is such an exciting growth sector with Elders leading the way on sustainability, ag tech and innovation. There’s no better sector to be in right now.”

Of her experiences in the agriculture sector, non-executive Director Robyn Clubb says that whilst taking on roles within a traditionally male dominated industry will always be daunting, it’s incredibly rewarding.

“My upbringing on a farm, the support from my parents, and my education provided a solid foundation of determination, resilience, knowledge and survival skills,” she says.

“The ability to influence and achieve better practices in areas such as animal welfare, land management, and the safety and welfare of people in the ag space is challenging and very fulfilling.”

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