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It’s easy to go DRY in your orchard and plantation

Sometimes when faced with the decision between two products that will get the job done you need to choose the one that makes life easy.

When it comes to weed control in orchards and plantations, that easy choice is FascinateTM DRY Herbicide from UPL, a global leader in glufosinate production.

Fascinate DRY Herbicide (500 g/kg glufosinate ammonium) is a new high-load, non-selective knockdown herbicide that provides broad spectrum weed control of grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines in plantations.

As a soluble dry granule and the highest strength glufosinate in the market, it offers growers a number of benefits compared to standard glufosinate formulations said UPL Australia technical manager Clay Sutton.

“Our new soluble granule formulation is easy to use. It has a built-in surfactant and is low foaming, making it easy to mix and handle.”

Fascinate DRY Herbicide is conveniently packaged in five kilogram packs, with two packs per 10 kilogram box, and a handy cardboard pourer included for measuring.

“Instead of using 25 litres of liquid product you can use just 10 kilograms of dry product,” said Mr Sutton. “We’re getting great feedback from growers about how much easier it is not having to store and recycle drums.”

He added that the granules also mixed easily in water.

“Dilution stability tests show that even in hard water, Fascinate DRY Herbicide demonstrates good solubility without separating or depositing sediment, making it easy to use in the paddock.”

Dilution stability tests using hard water 20 ppm and 500 ppm with Fascinate DRY Herbicide resulted in 0.0 per cent separation and 0.0per cent sedimentation after 24 hours.

As well as mixing readily in water, it is also an excellent tank mix partner to widen weed control, and has good compatibility with other herbicides.

Mr Sutton added that it is highly suitable for use in orchards and plantations because of its eco-safety and tree safety characteristics, with very limited translocation in plants and minimal uptake through the lignified parts of woody plants.

“Australian trial results show new Fascinate DRY Herbicide to be equivalent to the leading glufosinate herbicide brand in controlling grass and broadleaf weeds in orchard environments.”

“When used appropriately, it controls even the toughest C4 grasses,” he added.

UPL is a leading global supplier of glufosinate, producing glufosinate technical from the start to the final formulated and packaged product.

“As a global leader in glufosinate technology UPL have invested heavily in modern manufacturing facilities in the USA and India and are poised to increase glufosinate capacity,” said Mr Sutton.

“Having ownership from the very start allows us to provide a quality product with a reliable and consistent supply to the Australian market.”

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Article written by UPL for Seasons magazine.