KI plays host to Chinese wool delegates - Elders Rural Services
Elders Pan Feng, Wang Sheng, Rodney Bell, Kangaroo Island wool shed

KI plays host to Chinese wool delegates

Kangaroo Island Wool was the topic of discussion in Kingscote last month as delegates from Chinese textile company Nanshan Group discussed export opportunities with local producers.

Nanshan general manager of textiles Mr Pan Feng and his colleague Mr Wang Sheng met with The Kangaroo Island Wool company, which links together 18 of Kangaroo Island’s largest wool producers, as well as local veterinarian Greg Johnsson who provides the company with animal production advice.

The visit, which was facilitated by Elders district wool manager Rodger Lorraine, and independent wool consultant Andrew Dennis, gave members of Kangaroo Island Wool the opportunity to showcase the quality and standards of locally produced wool, and to explore direct marketing opportunities into China.

Elders district wool manager Rodger Lorraine said it was evident from the visit that there are vast opportunities between Kangaroo Island Wool and Nanshan Group, who have a requirement for wool all year round.

“Nanshan Group purchase around 5,000 tonnes of Australian greasy wool each year to use in processing fabric and garments which are sold in high end retail outlets all over the world, so there are some real opportunities for local producers here, ” Mr Lorraine said.

“Although the total production of Kangaroo Island Wool is but a fraction of Nanshan’s annual requirements, the possibility for Nanshan’s marketing team to develop a final product utilising the natural qualities of Kangaroo Island wool was something Nanshan were keen to explore further,” he said.

Kangaroo Island Wool Chairman Nick Clark and local producer Keith Bolto spent time with Nanshan Group explaining the concept behind the company and what the group is hoping to be able to achieve for their members in the long term.

The members of Kangaroo Island Wool are dedicated to excellence in wool production and believe that premium fibre demands sustainable land management, innovative production systems and animal welfare to exist in harmony.

Independent wool consultant Andrew Dennis said Nanshan were pleased to be invited to come to Kangaroo Island and meet such a dedicated group of wool growers.

“Mr Pan agreed with the Kangaroo Island Wool concept and was very impressed with the dedication and professionalism shown by the company,” Mr Dennis said.

“Nanshan have indicated that they are keen to explore possibilities for direct relationships with Kangaroo Island Wool in the future, which would be a significant outcome for local producers, but also for Australia’s wool industry,” he said.

L-R: Mr Pan Feng, (Nanshan Group)  Mr Wang Sheng (Nanshan Group) and Rodney Bell (KI Wool).
L-R: Mr Pan Feng, (Nanshan Group) Mr Wang Sheng (Nanshan Group) and Rodney Bell (KI Wool).