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Killara Feedlot announces top performing suppliers

Elders’ Killara Feedlot has recognised its top performing cattle suppliers for 2016 at a recent awards night in Quirindi.

With a focus on producing the highest quality Australian beef, the Killara Feedlot’s annual awards recognise key suppliers across five different categories including marbling, health, feed conversion efficiencies, and average daily game performance.

Performance was measured by mid fed Angus steer, in the feedlot and the chiller over a three month period, with results proving why some cattle perform better than others depending on varying locations, blood lines, and management techniques.

Wilmot Pastoral Co from Ebor took out the ADG Performance Award, whilst Princess Pastoral Co from Goulburn were recognised with the Feed Efficiency Award. Top place for the Health award was given to Paraway Pastoral Co Burindi Station out of Barraba, and SN Nivision out of Walcha secured the Marbling Award. Taking out premium spot of Overall Winner was the Angullong Pastoral Co from Orange.

James Crossing, Co-Director of Angullong Pastoral Co, says they were honoured to receive the award amongst so many high performing suppliers.

“It was fantastic to receive recognition for our Angullong Angus cattle herd that our late father Bill made his life-long passion. We are very proud of the legacy he has left behind,” said Mr Crossing.

“It was valuable to be able to share information that will improve the performance of our cattle and the efficiency of the industry as a whole” he said.

Elders Killara Feedlot Trading Manager, Andrew Talbot, praised his suppliers who invest in developing practices that maximise the potential of their cattle.

“We work hard to ensure we have some of the best suppliers in the industry. Their performance reflects an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of their product,” said Mr Talbot.

Jamie Austin, Tony Fitzgerald, James Crossing, and Andrew Talbot
Jamie Austin, Tony Fitzgerald, James Crossing, and Andrew Talbot

As well as recognising high performance, Mr Talbot said that the most valuable part of the awards was that they facilitated discussion around changes and challenges in the industry and their potential effects on the market.

“The real motivation behind gaining this information wasn’t necessarily for use by the feedlot but to share with parties from the entire supply chain,” said Mr Talbot.

“Sharing the information we gathered gives suppliers the ability to reflect on what practices are working for them and perhaps what they need to change to produce a product more in line with their goals or the demands of the market,” he said.

Mr Talbot explained that communicating this information also creates greater transparency and understanding for all parties involved in the production process.

“Suppliers are all keen to understand the process beyond the farm gate and the information we generated allowed that. It’s about working together to improve the end product,” said Mr Talbot.

“Suppliers went away with a better understanding of other players in the supply chain and how we can improve and maintain a sustainable industry,” said Mr Talbot.

As well as education, Andrew says that this forum was a powerful tool for building stronger relationships with suppliers.

“Cattle prices are at an all-time high so it goes to show that supply is not just to do with price – it’s just as much about investing in solid, long-term relationships,” said Mr Talbot.

“It’s really important to us to have relationships built on trust and transparency, because good relationships are critical to ensuring we have good supply,” he said.

“We want to move relationships away from one dimensional discussions based on price and allow a flow of information up and down the chain.”

“We believe this is the best way to produce a superior product in an industry of high integrity that is sustainable for the future.”

Next step for the feedlot is developing a custom designed IT system that provides automated feedback to suppliers and allows them to be regularly updated on their performance.

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