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Local pasture issues solved by special seed mixes

The ongoing push for high production pastures in medium to high rainfall zones of Western Australia has seen several south-coast Elders agronomists develop specialised seed mixes to suit local conditions, much to the delight of their clients.

One of those agronomists is James “Stinger” Bee, a senior agronomist at Elders Albany who recently had the “StingerMax” mix named after him. Developed over time in partnership with specialist pasture seed company PGG Wrightsons, the mix was designed to suit local factors including:

  • the need for highly productive ryegrass mix that was quick to establish and had excellent recovery from grazing.
  • the inclusion of a later season ryegrass to maintain excellent forage production into early summer where conditions allowed.
  • a mid-season sub clover that had excellent tolerance to heavy grazing pressure and excellent spring growth.
  • a broadly adaptable annual clover suited to hay and silage with high levels of hard seed and tolerance of waterlogging.

Available exclusively through the Elders network in WA, StingerMax contains a mix of Ascend Tetraploid ryegrass, a high performance Tetraploid with class-leading foliage production and low aftermath heading allowing continued forage production post seed head production. The later season Ascend has been balanced with the early season Astro Tetraploid ryegrass. The shorter season Astro balances the fodder availability throughout the season through quicker early season forage production. Very responsive to fertiliser application, a feature of this mix is speed of recovery after grazing.

The legumes in the mix are Seaton Park Sub clover which has a good mix of spring growth and tolerance to high grazing pressure, and Taipan Balansa which has amazing spring production and tolerance to periods of water logging

Over the past few seasons James has seen the potential of establishing high quality pasture mixes like StingerMax significantly lift the profitability of grazing enterprises. When combined with an optimised nutritional program, StingerMax allows rotational grazing and the opportunity to lock the paddock up in spring for silage or hay production, which allows ultimate flexibility for modern grazing systems.

Other specialist pasture mixes created by his colleagues at Elders Albany to suit a range of environments and production systems include the popular Superstar mix – suitable for hay or silage – a proven annual ryegrass mix with 20 per cent legume component, and the Mile High mix, designed for dairy and high production beef pasture systems with long season Italian ryegrass mix and 20 per cent legume.

Contact your local Elders Agronomist and Farm Supplies Manager regarding availability and suitability for your location.

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