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Lots of grunt to the 46 Joule Energizer

Kerry and Tracy Tristram have been farming on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island for the last 17 years.

Kerry and Tracey milk a herd of 220 dairy cows across a milking platform of 120 hectares. The farm had a lot of old fencing, so Kerry simplified and moved to two-wire electric. He says installing the 46 Joule Energizer was a no brainer. It charges fencing across the majority of the milking platform, but Kerry says it could go even further. “

There’s ample voltage, it has a lot of grunt.”

Kerry says the 46J Energizer and Datamars Livestock Farm App have given him the “luxury” to control voltage from anywhere on the farm.

“You can be on the tractor with your phone and you just hit the app to turn the fence off.”

He says this instant ability is especially handy for doing quick little jobs and frees up time. Datamars Livestock Head of Sales, Mark Peters says that Kerry’s experience with the energizer highlights how handy it is to be able to control the energizer from your phone.

“Our energizers have been a hallmark of the farming community for decades, with the 36 Joule Energizer an iconic favourite across the country. We are delighted that our smarter, more powerful 46 Joule Energizer is living up to its predecessor and doing the hard yards in the paddock.”

Kerry says that the app gets put to good use a couple of times a week and it’s been easy to operate. He says the Datamars Livestock team has been on hand for support and to answer any burning technical questions.

The 46J Energizer gets the tick of approval from Kerry and Tracy. A more connected farm has given them the freedom to get on with more important jobs and manage their dairy herd.

Kerry says, “It’s the way of the future.”

“Our first ‘smart’ energizer is designed to provide peace of mind and save time for farmers, while powering 460 kilometres of fence. This is the first cab off the rank in our plans to provide a connected farm to our customers and it’s great to see farmers like Kerry embracing the technology,” adds Mark.

About Datamars Livestock
A business division of Datamars, Datamars Livestock is a global leader in animal identification products, farm infrastructure products, animal performance and monitoring and animal health delivery products. Datamars Livestock includes globally recognised brands Tru-Test, Speedrite, Stafix, Pel, Hayes, Z Tags, NJ Phillips and Simcro.

This combination enables animal health, precision livestock management and improved protein production. All of this is underpinned by a cloud software solution; called Datamars Livestock; which connects farmers with information about their livestock, bolstering their intuition and enabling them to make precise, informed decisions.

Article written by Datamars for the Autumn edition of the Seasons Magazine.

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