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Make June count: invest in the next season’s efficiency with AgTech

The results are in. Australia is set for a bumper winter cropping yield, with research division ABARES reporting anticipated yields 13 per cent above the 10-year average to 2020–21.

With a forecast of 23.2 million hectares being sown this season, farmers are also looking to the latest in agricultural technology to take advantage of the positive outlook.

Water efficiency is a high priority for most farms across Australia. Thanks to the latest developments in telemetry, management of this precious resource is now only a mobile phone away.

From rainfall records to irrigation system control, growers are now able to invest in remote technology solutions aimed at reducing water wastage and, ultimately, maintenance costs over time.

AgTech in practice: GoannaAg GoField soil moisture probe being used on a broadacre cotton farm to sustainably manage water usage.


Manager for Australian AgTech company GoannaAg, David Ward, says this combination can support farm efficiency from day one.

“Sustainability is more than a buzzword,” said Mr Ward.

“For many farms reducing water usage directly impacts the bottom line,”

“Our GoField solution provides real-time soil moisture profile, that, when combined with our irrigation scheduling solutions, seriously maximise potential water savings. This technology is ready now and we are already seeing results for our customers.”

Advancements in technology has also led to an increase in the range of products, with varying price points, to allow for even the smallest farm business to find a product to suit their needs.

Elders Toowoomba rural products manager, Glen Pavey, says investing in AgTech can start with a simple step.

“Maybe it’s that trough in the furthest paddock,” said Mr Pavey.

“By investing in a remote trough monitor – driving costs are reduced, water usage can be recorded, and if there is a leak the auto-notifications can be a real timesaver,”

“You don’t need to have scale to take advantage of AgTech today.”

Now is the time to purchase

The Australian Government has also extended the 100% tax write-off of certain depreciable assets until 30 June 2023 for businesses with an annual turnover of $5 billion or less. Visit the ATO website for more information.

Located in Queensland? Small and medium businesses can now apply for grants of up to $50,000 to help buy specialised equipment to unlock growth potential, increase production, expand their workforce and maximise economic returns through the state government’s Business Growth Fund.

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