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Making glyphosate go further

The now standard practice of controlling weeds in summer fallows primarily with glyphosate will shift slightly this summer.

Many growers are now looking to reduce their overall reliance on glyphosate and considering other viable alternatives. Significant glyphosate price increases combined with some uncertainty of supply has brought into focus options like Valor residual herbicide that can offer a strong and cost-effective alternative to repeated glyphosate applications.

Valor for fallow weed treatment

Sumitomo have been advocating for some time the strength of Valor herbicide in fallow weed management.

Valor’s long-lasting pre-emergence control of some of the biggest problem weeds, including Feathertop Rhodes grass, fleabane, barnyard grass, wild radish and milk thistle – even glyphosate resistant strains, make it an obvious choice for sustainable, cost-effective control.

Valor is a Group 14 (previously Group G) herbicide that can provide long residual control of fallow weeds for up to two to three months at its higher rates.

Reducing the number of applications

When you consider the number of glyphosate or glyphosate tank mixture sprays that may be needed over a wet summer it’s easy to see why applying a single Valor herbicide application off the header at the commencement of the fallow period is an attractive alternative.

Valor herbicide can potentially replace two to three glyphosate sprays in fallow.

Given Valor herbicide has an extended residual action acting on weeds prior to emergence, it does have plant back periods that need to be observed, but the good news is that these are very short for most crops. Ranging from zero Planting Interval requirement for crops like faba beans and soybeans and only one, two or three months for other key crops. Valor can provide several months of valuable weed control ahead of your next planting.

Canola is more sensitive to flumioxazin than other crops and a nine-month plant back interval must be observed.

This flexibility makes Valor an ideal option to apply straight after the header in fields where canola is not likely to be grown the following winter, giving growers the peace of mind they won’t be needing to keep coming back with glyphosate applications after each summer rainfall event.

Valor requires good even soil coverage to give best results, off header applications should take into account the potential for shadowing under chaff rows.

Talk to your local Elders agronomist for advice on how Valor can help you manage fallow weeds this summer.

Article written by Jock Leys, Sumitomo business development manager for Seasons magazine. 

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