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More Yield, More Profit – Maximising Yield Potential Through Optimising Nutrition

Editorial written by Stoller for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


Factors That Contribute to a Loss of Yield

Once a seed is planted, environmental factors can start to reduce its full potential by up to 70 per cent. These environmental stresses can include nutritional deficiencies, water stress, high or low temperatures, pests, weeds, and diseases. This reduction in yield impacts the grower’s bottom line and can cause financial losses.


Liquid Fertilisers and Their Applications

A quality liquid fertiliser can increase the productivity of your crop when used in conjunction with other essential elements. Liquid fertilisers can help a plant function at its optimum so that it can produce higher yields. A balanced liquid nutrient program can enable the best crop yield outcome.

Stoller liquid fertilisers and nutrients deliver proven results within broadacre, field and greenhouse, and tree and vine crops in various Australian climates and stress conditions.

Stoller’s liquid fertilisers can be applied:

  • As a seed coat
  • Banded in furrow
  • Fertigated through irrigation systems
  • As a foliar spray to the plant above ground.


How Summer Cropping Foliar Applications Can Improve Profit

Stoller liquid fertilisers promote healthy root growth, fast and healthy top growth and uniformity in crops. Application as a foliar spray allows for top ups throughout the season as needed. The nutrients go straight onto crops, which means the nutrients aren’t tied up in soil, delivering an immediate response.


Seed Treatment in Preparation for Winter Cropping Can Improve Harvest

Getting cereals, oilseeds and legumes off to a good start is critical to achieving optimum yield potential. Stoller’s seed treatment products for winter crops include Bio-Forge – a unique combination of key nutrients that can help crops emerge quicker and improve early plant growth, root development, nutrient uptake and stress tolerance.


The Benefits of Bio-Forge and Stoller’s Integrated Solutions

Bio-Forge is part of Stoller’s Integrated Solutions, which are programs designed to maximise yield potential in a large variety of crops and covers all application types: seed treatment, in furrow, fertigated, and foliar.

Stoller Australia’s southern regional sales manager, Dr Steven Coventry, has conducted numerous trials on Bio-Forge, which works to maintain the genetic potential of plants, improve growth, and increase yield in a variety of crops.

With favourable results across broadacre, field and greenhouse, and tree and vine, Bio-Forge is proving to reduce the effects of stress on a large range of crops, resulting in increased yield and profit.

“Stress events can be detrimental to a grower’s bottom line, however, Bio-Forge has been shown to consistently reduce losses in yield and quality across a variety of crops,” Dr Coventry said.

“It is an essential tool in crop protection and insurance.”


A Summary of Bio-Forge Foliar Application and Seed Treatment Trial Results

Bio-Forge on Cotton*

  • Bio-Forge** applications resulted in 3.94 more bales per hectare.
  • The harvested yield was 2131 kilograms per hectare more than the untreated.

Bio-Forge on Wheat*

  • A foliar application increased yield by 17pc on Mace wheat compared to untreated wheat.
  • It improved returns by $177.37/ha on Mace, which is a return on investment of $20 for every $1 spent.
  • This trial also improved returns on Grenade wheat by $79/ha.

We Are Stoller

Stoller is a global company celebrating 50 years throughout the world and 25 years in Australia. Our mission is to cultivate a customer orientated agricultural company that offers exceptional value to growers and stakeholders through shared knowledge, continued innovation and integrity.

Stoller products are based on an in-depth knowledge of plant physiology, nutrient interaction and practical applications to increase quality and yield in a variety of crops.

Our Australian team undertakes trials and demonstrations throughout the country to deeply understand the way our products impact plant potential in a variety of conditions. Stoller employ skilled representatives that work nationwide with distributors, agronomists, and growers to help maximise yield potential.

We have experience in and a deep understanding of a wide variety of crops including pasture, cereals, broadacre, horticulture, tropical, and tree crops.

For more information on Stoller products, contact your local Elders dealer.

*For more information on Stoller’s Bio-Forge trials and rates of application, please contact Stoller Australia, or FREECALL 1800 337 845.
**In conjunction with Stoller’s ClearStart22KZ.

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