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Multi Trans 7000, simply a smarter bin

Do you need to store, carry, deliver or dish out feed, seed or fertiliser?

Enmach has recently released a product that will revolutionise the way you operate in your daily tasks. Their new Multi Trans 7000 is a class leading bin that is opening options in transporting liquids and dry goods in many different industries.

The Multi Trans 7000 is a truck mountable tank system that consists of one or two 7,000 m3 poly tanks that incorporate:

  • a total drain
  • 30 degree plus base
  • integrated walkway
  • folding handrails for safety.

The tank is fully encased in a galvanised steel frame the same size as a 20’ shipping container, complete with container lock downs in each corner.

This enables the serious operator to multi-task a flat deck trailer into a 14m3 or 28m3 transport tanker suitable for carrying liquid molasses, supplement feeds, liquid fertilisers, granular fertilisers, feed pellets, grain, seed, mineral supplements and many other products.

The tank outlets can be optioned either with a liquid drain outlet with a 100mm pipe to the side of the frame fitted with a butterfly valve and a camlock fitting to make hose attachment a breeze. For dry goods transportation a 150mm petrol driven break away auger can be fitted to enable easy transfer into seeders, troughs or smaller bins such as Enmach’s other great product the Stakka Bin.

Our Stakka Bin is a class leading product that is the largest size on the market. It has a full galvanised steel frame, extendable legs and a stainless-steel no-buckle outlet that will make feed and fertiliser storage and delivery a breeze. Cubing out at a massive 1.75m3 with a max storage capacity of 1.3 tonne the Stakka Bin will take anything you can throw into it, with a fully removable lid as standard and a bag splitter option, dispensing non-returnable bulk bags can now be a safe and simple operation.

Smart range – the benefits of polyethylene

Enmach has used polyethylene in a smart range of poly silos designed to meet storage needs ranging from one tonne to 46t.

Reinventing products usually made of materials such as steel, aluminium and fiberglass extends the life of those everyday items. Enmach say their poly products are lighter, have one of the world’s best UV protection ratings, resist rust and have compounded colour that won’t fade or scratch off.

Ultimately, Enmach has created the poly advantage – unbeatable durability. Enmach’s innovative poly silos have revolutionised feed, grain and fertiliser storage. Sweating is greatly reduced or removed as the insulation properties of polyethylene keep your feed cooler resulting in reduced incidence of sweating. All silos heat up during the day and then on nightfall the outer steel skin of a steel silo cools rapidly. The feed stored inside retains a high temperature and causes condensation or sweating to form on the interior of the roof of the silo.

Poly silos are 10 to 30 millimetres thick -thicker than steel.This thickness helps to keep your feed cooler during the day and then on nightfall, the temperature change is more gradual resulting in a slower dissipation of stored heat and less or no incidence of sweating.

No more rust

Another issue with steel silos is rust. Poly silos give you peace of mind by removing the threat of degeneration through rusting. The poly silo bin sits in a galvanized steel frame with a stainless-steel knife gate at the outlet of the silo. Any bolts through the silo wall are all stainless steel to further enhance the no corrosion standard. To stand behind this, Enmach offers a 10-year warranty on their Poly Silos.

The range of poly silos include a 4.2m3 Multi Feeder which is a 3.5t silo coupled with a 1,800mm diameter round trough and an all-weather shield, perfect for supplement feeding on the land. Other options include:

  • the 1,800-millimetre diameter round silos which hold from 3t to 10.5t,
  • the 2,700mm diameter round silos which hold from 5t to 25t, and the
  • 3,400mm diameter silos which holds from 28t and 46t.

Enmach include a range of water troughs, rainwater tanks from 1,000 litres to 29,500L, hay racks and many other poly items.

The Enmach Multi Trans is available at your local Elders store.

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Article written by Enmach for Seasons magazine.