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New fungicide delivers flexible control of key almond diseases

Orchardists can now manage all key almond diseases while being better able to adjust fungicide programs to their needs, thanks to the registration of Seguris® Flexi.

“When it comes to SDHI fungicides, Seguris® Flexi (Group 7) comes out ahead in almonds, with protection against rust, hull rot, blossom blight, brown rot, among other diseases including anthracnose and shot hole,” Syngenta technical services lead Dr Brandy Rawnsley said.

“Being a powerful, single mode of action fungicide means many in the almond industry stand to benefit from moving to Seguris® Flexi, by giving growers greater flexibility when it comes to tailoring a fungicide program that not only controls disease but supports a strong return on investment and won’t jeopardise export markets.”

What the trials say

Numerous trials have demonstrated that Seguris® Flexi has strong efficacy on a wide range of diseases.

The APVMA has approved Seguris® Flexi for control against blossom blight, brown rot, rust, shot hole, and scab (freckle), as well as suppression of hull rot and anthracnose.

Within two hours of application Seguris® Flexi is absorbed into the wax layer of the plant, forming a protective barrier to fungal infection, for up to 21 days of residual control.

The active ingredient isopyrazam not only binds to the leaf, it also binds to the fungus within the mitochondria, inhibiting its ability to create the energy it needs for growth and development and causing the fungi to die.

“It’s this double-binding activity that makes Seguris® Flexi such a potent fungicide, particularly when it’s rainfast within two hours,” Dr Rawnsley said.

Seguris® Flexi is registered for use at those key times that disease can strike. For blossom blight, shoot blight and shot hole, a preventative spray application at pink bud/early blossom is recommended.

With other diseases, monitor conditions and apply ahead of symptom development. For suppression of hull rot, make an application of Seguris® Flexi at five to 10 per cent hull-split.

Understanding the restrictions

The use of fungicides in almonds is subject to CropLife restrictions. Syngenta portfolio lead for fruit and viticulture, Scott Mathew said, the arrival of Seguris® Flexi would help in this regard.

“The use of co-formulations containing Group 11 + 7 modes of action reduces the total number of Group 7 and Group 11 fungicide applications that can be made during a season.,” Mr Matthew said.

“So, a single mode of action allows you to rotate through more Group 7 and Group 11 sprays throughout the season to manage diseases, offering far more flexibility throughout the season.

“In addition to Seguris® Flexi, Syngenta has gained registration of Amistar® 250SC in almonds, making this another cost-effective single mode of action fungicide for a wide number of diseases. Provided Amistar® 250SC isn’t used consecutively, orchardists can opt to use this mode of action group up to three times a season as part of a robust spray program.”

Seguris® Flexi application details

Seguris® Flexi supports flexibility in the management of key almond diseases with two rate ranges registered. No more than two applications are to be made per season.

For rust and scab control, Seguris® Flexi is registered for use at 75 to 100mL /100L of water.

For control of brown rot, blossom blight, shoot blight and shot hole, as well suppression of anthracnose and hull rot, use the registered rate of 100 to 125mL / 100L of water. No adjuvant is required.

For dilute application calculations download the Syngenta Horticulture App from the Apple App Store. Alternatively Seguris® Flexi can be used 3x concentrate. Do not apply Seguris® Flexi at more than 2.5 L/Ha per application.

Seguris® Flexi is not toxic to bees and does not have any special restrictions on use on the label. It has a 14-day withholding period and users must not process produce into stock food for 14 days after application.

Article written by Sygenta for Seasons magazine. 

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