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New fungicide now available for wheat and barley growers

Wheat and barley growers will have access to a powerful new fungicide for disease control this season following the registration of Uplift fungicide in Australia.

Uplift (280 g/L azoxystrobin + 120 g/L prothioconazole) is a new broad spectrum fungicide combining two highly active fungicides to control some of the major fungal diseases in wheat and barley.

UPL Australia’s head of marketing and business development, Ian Cass, said they were delighted to have Uplift available in time for this season.

“We’re extremely pleased to bring Uplift to Australian wheat and barley growers,” Mr Cass said.

“Uplift offers growers and agronomists an easy to use, compatible SC formulation to considerably reduce the formation of yield robbing foliar diseases.”

The new fungicide is registered in wheat to protect against Leaf, Stem and Stripe rusts; Septoria nodorum and tritici blotches; yellow leaf spot and powdery mildew. In barley, Uplift is registered to protect against Net form net blotch, powdery mildew, Spot form net blotch and Leaf rust.

Uplift combines the chemical class fungicides of Strobilurin and DMI, offering better protection than standalone DMI treatments. With its dual modes of action, Uplift provides excellent systemic and protective activity, offering both improved disease control and resistance management.

“We’ve trialed Uplift widely in Australia leading up to its registration and we’ve been extremely pleased with the results,” Mr Cass said.

“It has demonstrated excellent efficacy against target diseases and can definitely hold its own when compared to other leading industry fungicides.”

“Combining two highly effective active ingredients, Uplift offers a fully loaded formulation with two powerful actives for improved resistance management.”

With the need to rotate active ingredients for resistance management, Uplift offers a perfect rotation partner to the mix.

“If you have used a seed treatment that contains a SDHI mode of action, Uplift is your ideal go-to foliar product to ensure you maximise disease control and rotate between the different modes of action in your cereal disease management program.”

Mr Cass added that a key feature of Uplift was its compatibility with a range of products.

“Uplift has been extensively tested for physical compatibility with over 25 products to date,” he said.

“It has shown good physical compatibility with many commonly used herbicides, insecticides and UAN fertiliser, which will provide growers with more flexibility in application.”

UPL recommend applying Uplift fungicide at the first sign of disease and to always read the label before applying the product.

“Applications of Uplift should be made within the crop growth stages between the end of tillering to the end of stem elongation (GS29-GS39),” Mr Cass said.

He added that it is important not to apply more than the registered rate of 525ml/Ha in any one season, and to alternate chemistry if growing successive crops.

Uplift is soft on the crop and has been shown not to cause crop phytotoxicity. It is rain fast in three hours after application.

Uplift fungicide will be available in 20L and 110L drums for the 2022 winter crop season.

“UPL is excited to bring to market a cost-effective solution to help growers maximise yield and grain quality,” Mr Cass said.

“Having a new and effective dual mode of action in an easy to use, compatible SC formulation gives cereal growers and agronomists more options for controlling foliar diseases and managing resistance.”

Article written by UPL for Seasons magazine. 

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