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New Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer aids in pasture renovation

A compact, light and fast-charging fence energiser from Gallagher will make it easier to protect new pastures this season.

“Autumn is the perfect time for resellers to help their customers to plan establishing or renovating pastures,” Gallagher marketing manager Ben Winter said.

“The new Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer could help here with pasture management, offering a solution that’s more portable than ever before,” Mr Winter said. “It’s our most compact design yet and very easy to install and move.”

Mr Winter said the reliable fence energizer is lighter than other models, with a faster-charging battery and longer-lasting power, to keep stock and pastures well managed – regardless of sunshine hours or weather conditions.

Built-in earth

The S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer also features a built-in earthing terminal.

“This energizer’s development was aided by farmer feedback,” Mr Winter said.

“With incorrect earthing cited as a common cause of poor fence performance, the R&D team removed it completely and the energizer is now earthed directly through securely mounting a stake, such as a Gallagher Ring Top Post.”

Mr Winter said the Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer’s compact size allowed it to be uniquely mounted to a post, preventing grass shading the solar panel and keeping the energizer out of rising water. The size and lightness of weight also made it highly portable.

“Graziers can easily transport the S12 Lithium Solar Energizer by attaching it to a Gallagher Ring Top Post strapped onto a bike,” he said.

Smart technology

The S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer’s smart technology tracks the amount of solar energy coming in for maximum efficiency.

“It makes sure the energizer can still operate effectively during extended periods of low light, such as in winter or on overcast days, adjusting itself to keep stock where they should be, and protecting pastures, while not over-discharging the battery,” Mr Winter said.

Only about 60 per cent of a lead-acid battery’s capacity can be used, otherwise it won’t recover, Mr Winter said, while lithium batteries are better at holding their charge and can be depleted to almost zero and yet still be fully regenerated.

“Because you can use a lithium battery’s whole range of capacity, it can be smaller in size,” he said. “It can also manage many more charge/discharge cycles, lasting up to a decade – much longer than a conventional battery.”

The Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer is ideal for pasture management and strip grazing on cattle operations, as well as equine properties.

“The S12 comes with fence lead, rechargeable lithium battery and solar panel, meaning the fully integrated solution is ready to use: customers simply mount it on a suitable metal post, and connect it to the fence,” Mr Winter said.

“All of this means the new Gallagher S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer is well suited as an aid in winter pasture establishment or renovation.

“Gallagher has also developed a smaller, lower powered S6 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer. Just as the S12 can aid in pasture management, the S6 can help keep pets in, or wandering livestock out of, the farm garden.”

Article written by Gallagher for Seasons magazine.