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New seed varieties offer great potential

Darren Pech, Senior Agronomist at Elders Jamestown, SA talks about some promising new seed varieties that have been released this year.

New barley varieties

Although imi-chemistry has been available for 20 years now, the demand is still increasing for new options and varieties. This season has seen the release of Maximus barley, an improved variety for Spartacus growers, and in more recent weeks Commodus, an imi-tolerant Compass type barley variety, which will suit growers looking for a more competitive type barley.

You’ve probably heard a bit about Kracken Forage barley of late. It’s a new two-row forage barley, to effectively replace the previously used Moby six-row barley.  It offers excellent feed production when grazed repeatably before the 1st node stage, maturing slightly later than Moby, creating a long period of grazing potential.

New vetch

Studencia is a newly released Common vetch variety, the earliest maturing of the common vetches to produce excellent early growth in cold conditions and good frost tolerance.  Its hay and grain yields are reported to be similar to Timok.  With its early growth and earlier maturity, it will offer growers a good option in lower rainfall areas or where early growth is important.

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