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Next generation aphid control for canola growers

Canola growers will have access to a powerful new insecticide for aphid control this season following the registration of MainMan 500WG insecticide in canola crops.

MainMan (500g/kg flonicamid) controls the three major sucking pests in canola – green peach, cabbage and turnip aphids. As the only Group 29 insecticide in Australia, it provides a new mode of action in canola to control aphids resistant to other insecticides.

UPL Australia’s head of marketing and business development, Ian Cass, said the company was delighted to have MainMan registered in time for this season.

“We’re extremely pleased to announce the registration of MainMan in canola,” Mr Cass said. “It offers canola growers and agronomists an effective new mode of action that can be used in rotation with commonly used Group 4 insecticides.”

MainMan acts by disrupting the function of chordotonal stretch receptor organs, which are critical for the senses of gravity, balance, awareness of the position and movement of the body. This disrupts feeding very quickly in target insects.

“It offers canola growers and agronomists an effective new mode of action that can be used in rotation with commonly used Group 4 insecticides.”

“The unique mode of action is fast-acting and effective whilst also allowing for true rotation to manage aphid resistance, making it an excellent fit for IRM programs in Australia,” Mr Cass said.

MainMan has been used extensively in Europe, Japan and Brazil for over 10 years, with no indication of aphid resistance reported.

Mr Cass added that the other key defining feature of MainMan was the application window in canola, allowing for use up to end of flowering BBCH 69 stage.

“MainMan can be used up to the end of flowering in canola,” he said. “It is not classified as toxic to bees.”

However, as it may have adverse effects on honeybees for a short period after application, if applying during flowering, it’s advised to spray in the early morning or late evening when bees are not foraging.

“MainMan is very specific to the Hemiptera Order and so a wide range of tolerant predatory insects will be preserved, thus contributing to overall pest control,” Mr Cass said, “making MainMan highly compatible with IPM programs.”

A systemic and translaminar insecticide, MainMan works via contact to the aphid but mainly by ingestion, with aphids ceasing feeding within 15–30 minutes after ingestion. It is active on both nymph and adult stages of target insects.

“We believe that MainMan will provide canola growers and agronomists with a very flexible tool for aphid control,” he said.
“There are no restrictions for applying in cooler weather as MainMan has been proven to work in temperatures from 50C to 350C.”

He added that it is also rainfast in three hours, can be applied by air or ground application, and is compatible with most common mixing partners.  Please contact your UPL representative if you have any question regarding compatibility.

To be effective MainMan requires thorough coverage and only medium spray droplets according to ASAE S572 definition for standard nozzles should be used. Water volumes should be adjusted according to the crop growth stage to ensure thorough coverage.

MainMan insecticide will be available from all good agricultural retailers for the 2021 Canola season.

“UPL is excited to bring to market an important new aphicide for Australian canola growers,” said Mr Cass said. “Having a new, effective and unique mode of action available to control aphids in canola means that Australian growers will have more products to rotate to when controlling aphids.”

Article written by UPL for the winter 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine.


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