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O-rings that stay put

Editorial written by Plasson for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


The captive O-ring on a Plasson fitting is not susceptible to falling out, its makers say.

A seal is created when the pipe or insert is pushed past the O-ring, eliminating the need for excessive tightening. On fittings up to 32 millimetres, simply hand-tighten the Plasson nut for a completely leak-free system. On fittings 40mm and above, hand tighten plus 1/2 half-turn with wrenches.

Designed for tough conditions, Plasson saddles have robust polypropylene bodies and are available with zinc plated or stainless-steel bolts for enhanced corrosion resistance.

Suitable for rural (up to 2 inch) and metric pipes (up to 180mm), Plasson says its range of rural and metric tapping saddles is the largest in Australia.

The metric poly saddles also suit AS1477 PVC pipe and rural poly saddles also suit metric pipes up to DN50. The O-ring seal made of NBR rubber handles variations in pipe size. Pressure ratings are up to PN16.

Plasson saddles are easy to assemble and provide a simple way to make threaded connections to new or existing pipelines.

Plasson currently runs distribution centres in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

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