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Parasite Alert: Barber’s Pole Worm

Conditions are now ideal for the proliferation of Barber’s Pole Worm. Cool nights and mild days with an abundance of green feed provide the perfect environment for a rapid worm build up.


Barber’s Pole Worm is hard to detect as sheep do not scour. Look out for these sypmtoms:

  • lethargy
  • depression
  • anaemia (acute cases)

Suggested action

Conduct faecal egg counts at least every 3 weeks, especially in young sheep.

Monitor lambs and weaners closely. If you notice sheep falling behind while mustering drench immediately and leave alone.

Risk FactorsHighMediumLow
Age< 1 yo2 yo & CFA3, 4 & 5 yo
Condition score< 2.52.5 to 33+
Pasture quantity (kg DM/Ha)< 800
(2.5 cm high)
800 – 1500
(2.5 to 5 cm high)
(>5 cm high)
Grazing history
(last 3 to 6 months)
•lambing ewes
•sheep < CS 2.5
•sheep < 1-Y-O
•sheep CS 2.5 – 3
•sheep 1 to 2-YO
•capsuled sheep
•adult dry sheep CS 3+
LactationLambing to markingMarking to weaningDry
WeatherWarm (>15o) and wetCold and wetHot and dry
Feed qualityLush greenMatureDry
FEC300+100 to 300< 100
Last drench> 6 weeks4 to 6 weeks< 4 weeks

Article written by Rob Inglis, Elders Livestock Production Manager – contact Rob.

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