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Plan for healthy animals this spring

With spring upon us and side effects from La Nina still present, conditions are primed for a good harvest and pasture growth.

The recent rainfall, combined with the warmer spring months, mean it’s almost guaranteed that we will experience an increase in sheep and cattle parasite pressure compared to spring 2020. Management programs combined with early treatment will be the key for producers to manage the health and productivity of their livestock. With this in mind it is equally important to have access to the right products when required.

Pastoral Ag (PAG), The Hunter River Company (HRC) and Elders are committed to supplying quality products that drive value and provide choice for  Australian sheep and beef producers. Elders currently stock PAG and HRC:

  • fly protection products for sheep and cattle
  • lice control backlines and dips for sheep
  • a wide range of drench options.

PAG and HRC are also committed to adding new products to their existing portfolios, such as HRC Sureshot Duo, a combination pour-on for cattle and HRC Moxistar Long Acting Injection for Cattle. Both products add weight to the existing range of cattle drenches currently available.

Sureshot Duo combines the power of abamectin and levamisole in a pour-on formulation, providing control of parasites resistant to MLs or BZ’s, as well as slowing the onset of parasite resistance on your farm. It is a low dose 1ml/20kg pour-on formulation that not only controls internal parasites, but will also control external parasites such as lice, buffalo fly and cattle tick.

Moxistar Long Acting Injection for Cattle has been specially formulated to provide a prolonged release of moxidectin in cattle. It is ideal for long term protection against key internal and external parasites including cattle tick. With persistent activity against internal parasites for up to 120 days or cattle tick for at least 51 days, no other product offers longer term protection ensuring optimum health, performance and fertility.

As spring heats up, plan well and be sure to take advantage of the PAG and HRC range of animal health solutions at your local Elders branch. Act now to take advantage of current spring promotional offers.

Explore the full range of Pastoral Ag Co and Hunter River Company products available through Elders. 

Article written by Ben Austin, national sales manager, Pastoral Ag/Hunter River Company for Seasons magazine.