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Plasson: engineered for rural pipe and rural life

Beating the world’s toughest conditions was only the starting point for Plasson.

Installed in the harshest of Australian conditions for over 40 years, the Plasson range of Rural Compression Fittings is the most challenging, most reliable and easiest to install of all poly pipe fittings available.

Plasson Rural Compression Fittings are based on Plasson’s unique “captive O-ring” technology. The Plasson captive O-ring fits into a machined groove inside the body of the fitting.

The Plasson captive O-ring:

  • will not fall out or become dislodged.
  • protects from contaminants and intrusive foreign matter.
  • creates a complete water-tight seal when the red Rural insert is pushed past the O-ring eliminating the need for excessive tightening.

This means that all you need to do is hand-tighten the Plasson nut for a completely leak-free system.

The red barb insert on each end of our rural fittings allows installation on all standard rural pipes and a range of pipe diameters. There are no special tools needed to install Plasson rural compression fittings – just your hands. Just put the fitting on the pipe, do it up hand-tight and the job is done.

Just some of the Plasson range of fittings.

Plasson fittings are of the highest quality and meet the following standards:

  • AS/NZS4129- fittings for polyethylene pressure pipe systems
  • ISO14236 – fittings for polyethylene pressure pipe systems
  • AS/NZS 4020 – products used in contact with water for human consumption.

Innovative Rural Solutions

The captive O-ring design is only one of Plasson’s intelligent solutions.

Plasson has convenient conversion kits to make switching between metric, rural, copper and PVC pipe without changing the whole fitting.

It is also easy to adapt Plasson fittings for different pipe materials and pipe sizes and work as a threaded connection.

Article written by Plasson for Seasons magazine.

The Plasson product range is available at your local Elders store.

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