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Plasson Quick Coupling Valve

During the early 1970s, the use of poly pipe was still in its infancy.

Plasson had developed their world-famous compression fitting only a few years earlier and the engineers at Plasson were keen to develop a product to complement the fittings.

One such item was the Quick Coupling Valve (QCV). Moshe Lishinski, the chief designer of Plasson products at the time, cleverly utilised the special characteristics of the poly material to develop the components of the QCV. Some of the  design concepts he implemented include:

  • the split nut that retains the upper part to enable assembly without the need for a locking nut O-ring. This innovation simplified the manufacturing and assembly process and led the way for a similar design in other products.
  • the integral plastic spring-loaded latch that retains the riser. Being made of the same plastic material, it is resistant to corrosion and dirt and saves on parts.
  • the Quick Coupling Valve spool is retained just by the thick O-ring. This reduces the number of parts required and the thick O-ring provides good sealing, even if some dirt or scratches exist.

Today the Plasson QCV has become a very popular ground-level fixed valve, as it presents no unsightly or dangerous obstructions and stays damage-free. The QCV is ideal for:

  • livestock watering systems
  • sprinkler irrigation systems
  • landscape irrigation
  • treated effluent disposal.

The QCV has a single-action snap-in key that opens the valve for water flow into the hose or sprinkler. To shut off the valve, there is an easy release of the key which automatically stops the water flow. The Plasson QCV is easily recognized with its yellow cap which is highly visible at ground level.

More recently, the introduction of lilac coloured caps for the QCV has allowed this unique valve to be used in recycled water and treated effluent systems. The water from these sources can be used for:

• grey-water systems
• flush systems
• irrigation
• cleaning and laundry.

The lilac coloured Plasson quick coupling valve

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Article written by Plasson Australia for Seasons magazine.