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Poly Silos, Clearly a Better Solution

Australian manufacturer Enmach offers silos with extraordinary durability and a 20-year plus lifespan.

\The harsh Australian climate can have a devastating impact on the equipment we utilise in our outdoor occupations and lifestyles. A spokesman for Enmach says the Bundaberg-based company has reinvented and redesigned products made from traditional materials and manufactures them from materials such as polyethylene and stainless-steel to extend lifespan and durability. Enmach have the largest range of Poly Silos in the world and is the only roto-moulder in Australia dedicated to manufacturing and installation of independently F.E.A engineered Poly Silos that are cyclonic wind rated and load tested.

Enmach poly products are lighter than the steel products they replace, have one of the world’s best UV protection ratings, resist rust and have compounded colour that will not fade or scratch off. Ultimately, Enmach has created the poly advantage – unbeatable durability. The company has been in operation for 30 years and offers a range of silos in capacities from 1 tonne to 50 tonnes or 1.75m3 to 60m3. The silos are suitable for bulk storage of a variety of products and can be used in any industry, from mining to farming, water clarification to breweries, fertiliser to coffee bean storage. The range starts with the industry leading Stakka Bin. The innovative Stakka Bins are the biggest in their class at 1.75m3 which will store around 1.3 ton of wheat and fertiliser. They have a full galvanised steel frame with extendable legs, an integrated ladder as standard and a stainless-steel knife gate that will not buckle when the bin is full. There are two heavy duty forklift pockets at the base of the unit complete with a safety chain and a fully removable lid. The largest silo in the range is the massive 60m3 silo that will contain 46 tonnes of wheat or fertiliser. Some of Enmach’s poly silo range are unique in the fact that they can be added to at a later date simply by adding further rings to the silo thus increasing the capacity. Another great feature of the Poly Silos is the ability to configure the silos to store liquid. The flagship of the liquid storage range is the 35000 litre Liquid Storage silo. This silo will hold up to 50 ton of liquid, great for storing molasses or liquid supplement for feeding cattle in the dry times. The liquid silos can also be configured for service in water clarification and separation. The range of Patented 60-degree cone silos which encompasses storage sizes from 27m3 to 57m3 are ideally suited to the storage of feed pellets and slow flowing products. This design has a unique reverse angle top section for increased flow.

Polyethylene has proved to be a winner in the manufacture of silos. Sweating is greatly reduced or removed as the insulation properties of polyethylene keeps your feed cooler resulting in reduced incidence of sweating. All silos heat up during the day and then on nightfall the outer steel skin of a steel silo cools rapidly. Poly silos are thicker than steel, 10 to 30 millimetres thick to be exact, and this thickness helps to keep your feed cooler during the day and then on nightfall, the temperature change is more gradual resulting in a slower dissipation of stored heat and less or no incidence of sweating.

Having a silo made with polyethylene also gives you peace of mind by removing the threat of degeneration through rusting. The poly silo bin is encapsulated in a galvanized steel frame with a stainless-steel knife gate at the base of the silo and the silo is delivered fully assembled. Any bolts through the silo wall are all stainless steel to further enhance our no corrosion claim. To stand behind this, Enmach offers a 10-year warranty on their Poly Silos, “Where else do you get a warranty like that on a silo?”

Enmach will deliver and install its range of poly silos Australia wide with crane-equipped trucks and trained drivers who can erect and bolt down a silo within hours. They also offer a full custom manufacturing service for polyethylene molded and steel fabricated products.

Enmach combines innovation and durability with a highly equipped, in-house research and development department and a focus on service.

Call the team at Enmach today on 1800502267 or explore further at enmach.com.au

Article written by Enmach for the Autumn 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine.

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