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Polymaster has Bulk Diesel Storage Covered

What you need is the new 10,000Ltr Diesel Essential Tank, recently launched by Polymaster to suit everyone’s budget.

It’s not rocket science in knowing that buying Diesel in BULK saves you a pretty penny.

Some farmers have reported up to 30cents per litre saving when comparing to pumping at the station.

So, if you are running 60,000-100,000 litres through your equipment each year you can be saving up to $30,000. Better in your pocket than someone else’s!

Bulk diesel on farm also saves a lot of hassles, not to mention the reduction in downtime because of the simple convenience of the tank being on site.

There are many different Diesel Tanks to choose from in the market, all with different options from the basic tank where you add your own pump, through to fancy units with all the bells and whistles. Each have their own pros and cons.

So, what best suits you?

The short answer is

“one that it reliable, never misses a beat, has all essential equipment included and doesn’t break the bank to buy!”

Introducing Diesel Essential – 10KL

This new tank of Polymaster’s ticks all the criteria.

Designed and built to last, giving you years and years of reliable fuel dispensing on farm. With a 25year design life and a 5yr tank warranty this new tank is packed with ‘tried and true’ pieces of equipment.

Polymaster has a reputation of building tanks to last with over 26yrs designing and manufacturing in Australia. Proudly family owned, Polymaster tanks are shipped Australia-wide, across the Tasman and into parts of Asia.

The Diesel ESSENTIAL is fully kitted out at the factory so all you need to do when it arrives is to connect power and have the tanker fill it up.


  • Quality Italian Piusi 240V pump up to 70LPM – the most reliable diesel pump brand in the world
  • 6mtr hose with automatic trigger nozzle
  • Digital level indicator
  • Bund alarm
  • Mechanical overfill protection – prevents overfilling & spills
  • 2” camlock & ball valve for quick filling – suits all tanker trucks
  • 30micron water capture filter – ensures your equipment is getting clean fuel
  • Mechanical fluid meter – record dispensing to equipment
  • Lockable secure cabinet to house equipment – to keep unwanted guests ‘borrowing’ your diesel
  • External bunded tank and cabinet constructed of UV sun tough material – also flame retardant and built to withstand Australian conditions

This new Essential, joins the already successful Ranger and Quantum family of bulk storage diesel tanks, offering an affordable above ground double walled tank, designed for rural Australia.

These tanks are designed with safety on the farm in mind and ease of use. The double wall technology protects your diesel and creates a barrier from accidental bumps/collisions with equipment. The outer tank is also constructed of a specially formulated flame-retardant polymer.

Storage Solutions For All Situations

Polymaster also manufacture a wide range of other diesel tank and pump solutions to suit a variety of different uses, including;

Portable Ute Packs

Ranging from 100ltr to 800ltr. These units are all equipped with Piusi designed pumps and are perfect for the back of the ute. The ‘Cube-style’ sits perfectly in the tub of a dual cab and can be fitted with a secondary bund for added security.

Transfer Tanks

Ranging from 600ltrs to 3000ltrs. These units are the go-between storage solutions that can be filled by the ESSENTIAL unit then run out to the header in the paddock, saving you time. These are also fitted with the Piusi pumps.

Diesel Trailers

Ranging from 1200ltrs to 2000ltrs. These trailer units sit on a tough hot-dipped gal frame with dual axle, electric brakes, lights and reflectors. The Piusi pump, meter, hose and auto nozzle are stored securely in a lockable toolbox at the front of the trailer.

To get your hands on one of the Polymaster Diesel Tanks, simply drop into your local Elders store or jump onto the Polymaster website for more information –polymaster.com.au.

The Polymaster customer service team are also a helpful bunch and more than happy to sort out any of your questions – 1800 062 064

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