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Preventative action proves best for Western crops

Based in the Northern Central Wheatbelt of WA, the Cail family know the importance of selecting the right herbicide protection for their cropping program.

The Cail’s farm in East Wubin is comprised of 5000ha of wheat, 2000ha of barley, and 1000ha of canola. With the guidance of their local agronomists Clare Johnston & Dave Scholz of Elders Dalwallinu the family has been using Sakura since its release in 2012, providing a welcome alternate mode of action as a Group K herbicide.

“We have experienced great results when sowing into a dry profile with follow up rains, predominantly using on canola stubble to make sure the paddock is cleaned up for the following wheat,” says Darren Cail.

Clare says that tailoring a proper pre-emergent program for her clients has produced ultimately better results and minimised yield loss from weed competition later in the season.

“By selecting the correct herbicide and application timing dependent on soil moisture, crop rotation, as well as considering the ryegrass issues of the area that we wanted to tackle, we’ve been able to achieve consistently good results,” says Clare.

For the Cail’s in particular, Sakura has been the best option.

“In the 2016 cropping season we put trifluralin with the Sakura, which gave the ability to sow earlier with the confidence of having the trifluralin as a back-up plan,” says Clare.

“The trifluralin provides immediate control if they experience a false break, with Sakura requiring 5-10mm rainfall to activate optimally,” she says.

With success over the last few years using this approach, the Cail’s plan to use Sakura in the same way for 2017, targeting 1,000ha of their program.

“Clare’s guidance combined with quality product has given us greater confidence in achieving a high yielding crop each year, and proved the value of investing in a good pre-emergent strategy to minimise risk,” says Darren.

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