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Productivity increases after Waratah exclusion fencing installed

Editorial written by Waratah for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine


Feral animals rank high on the list of threats to farm biosecurity, animal health and grazing pressures but a well-built exclusion fence can help turn this around in a relatively short space of time.

The strength of Waratah’s premium Australian-made exclusion fence has boosted the productivity of Victorian cattle producer Ken O’Brien’s property near Barham, preventing hundreds of kangaroos from destroying his 32 hectares of irrigated clover and rye grass.

“It wasn’t unusual to see 300 to 400 kangaroos in a night, and they would strip my valuable irrigated pasture bare,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Even if there was remaining pasture, the cattle still wouldn’t eat it as there would be kangaroo faeces and urine stains all through the grass.”

Many farmers are finding that exclusion fences are providing increased productivity through improved weaning rates or increased production by reducing grazing pressure from kangaroos on pastures and or cropping country.

“Since installing the 2.2-kilometre Waratah exclusion fence, I’ve only ever seen two kangaroos in the block, and they jumped over the cattle grid to get in,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We’ve now been able to increase our stocking rate by one-third, as the fencing has improved our pasture dramatically.”

Lower labour costs and maintenance times are some of the other productivity benefits being realised once an effective exclusion fencing system is in place.

“Using Waratah fencing products was an investment that will yield savings in the long term, due to its ease of installation,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Initially, it might be more expensive but, in the end, the benefits far outweigh the costs. We had the fence rolled out and put up in under two days, which is three times quicker than it would take normally.”

Waratah has an extensive range of exclusion fencing solutions and products to suit a wide range of feral animal issues.

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