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Quantam II MAXP® proven persistence

Editorial written by PCG Wrightson for the Summer 2020/2021 Seasons Magazine.


Quantum II MaxP® tall fescue has proven over many years that it can survive challenging conditions.

After three difficult seasons in Armidale, Quantum II MaxP kept the most ground cover in a replicated trial against commercial varieties Demeter, SF Finesse-Q and Tower (as shown in Figure 1).

Figure 1: Ground cover percentage in third year after sowing at Armidale, NSW, Trial was sown in 2015


Quantum II MaxP’s proven persistence maintains high production in later years due to higher plant numbers, which means more ground cover and less open ground where weeds normally thrive.

Being able to delay re-sowing is cost effective and avoids missed production while paddocks establish.

Quantum II MaxP has excellent dry matter yields with softer leaves than traditional varieties. In trials and on farm, PGG Wrightson sees Quantum II MaxP out-yielding other commercial varieties. The seed company shows an 8-10 per cent yield advantage in Figure 3 compared to Demeter, SF Finesse-Q and Tower. The most notable additional performance is seen in winter as shown in Figure 2, where Quantum II MaxP produced an approximately 45pc higher winter yield than Demeter, according to PGG Wrightson.

PGG Wrightson says Quantum II MaxP helps pay off the investment of pasture renovation earlier because the total cost of pasture renovation (excluding seed cost) is constant whether sowing poor-performing or high-performing varieties.

The increased yield also meant cheaper home-grown feed that allowed producers to carry more livestock, increase body condition or lower supplementary feed bills.


Figure 2: Average winter yield (kgDM/ha) over three years at Armidale in a 2015 sown trial


Figure 3: Average annual yield over three years at Armidale in a 2015 sown trial