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Raven limousin – whole beef herd offered online as one lot

It takes dedication, hard work and quality genetics to establish a name in the stud cattle industry.

Rarely does an opportunity arise where you can enter the stud game and ‘hit the ground running’. But when Raven Limousin offers up their herd as a complete package this August, savvy buyers will be ready to take advantage of this unique proposition.

“The Raven brand is recognised throughout the industry; the hard work’s been done. This sale presents an amazing opportunity for someone to capitalise on the genetic power of the herd’s performance data and progress it further into the future,”
Mr Laryn Gogel, Elders Livestock Sales Manager.

There has never been a better time to be involved in the Australian beef industry. Prices continue to reach record highs, interest in the industry continues to grow and demand for quality genetics has never been stronger.

This unique opportunity sees the Raven herd for sale in its entirety, including cattle, semen and embryo inventories, Raven branding and prefix, and performance database. Also included is the Facebook page (2300+ followers), website, client and mailing lists (400+), preferred service providers, and the Raven marketing IP.

“We are offering the whole ‘kit and kaboodle’ for someone to buy and hit the ground running.” said Jason Schulz, Raven stud Principal.

“Whoever is successful in purchasing the operation can turn the key and start tomorrow. In hindsight, I wish we had this opportunity when we were starting out.”

“It’s a great time in the beef industry, and now it the time is right for us to hand the baton on, giving someone else the opportunity to continue to grow the herd and take it into the future,” Penny added.

“We have put 13 years of blood, sweat and tears into building the Raven brand to what it is today. But with changing business and family commitments, we want to enable our business to be flexible and change, allowing more time with our young family and expansion of our farming business.”

Jason and Penny always had the vision that they were building a valuable asset when they started in the stud game back in 2008. They saw a market opportunity to breed Limousin bulls having successfully used them over British cows in their own commercial business.

“We knew the cross was profitable through the hybrid vigour and the breed’s ability to improve growth and carcase yield, and we acknowledged the market had a preference for black coats to remain competitive,” Jason said.

“We set the bar high and have spared no expenses in our endeavour to breed cattle that are genetically programmed to increase performance under commercial Australian conditions.”

The purchase of embryos from the Kensal Black Limousin dispersal in late 2007, kick started the Raven herd. The desire to increase cow numbers quickly and diversify their genetic base saw them travel to the United States in 2010, purchasing genetics from the Hunt Limousin herd. The results were outstanding with the subsequent Ribbon family, one of the Raven foundation cow lines, still central to the Raven herd today.

The impressive bloodline on offer at Raven Limousins

Fast forward to 2014, with the Schulz’s holding their first annual bull sale, selling bulls across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. In 2018 they included females in the sale, with huge success and the highly sought-after genetics being snapped up by Limousin breeders across the country.

“The brand recognition and genetic footprint of the Raven herd is evident with clients returning annually to purchase bulls. Seeing the versatility and productivity of the herd’s genetics across a number of Australian states and environments, shows the impact Raven genetics are having on the Australian beef industry,” said Elders livestock sales manager Mr Laryn Gogel.

The herd’s comprehensive database is second to none, with the herd holding the highest rating of five stars from Breedplan Completeness of Performance. The polled Raven herd is well known for growth, docility, eye muscle area, positive fat and marbling (IMF%), the key drivers of meat quality and profitability.

The herd is founded on six main cow family lines selected for their superior traits and providing pedigree diversity within the herd. Cattle are bred to be fit for purpose, meeting industry specifications and client demands.

“Change is the one constant in our lives, nothing stays the same forever. We embrace change and take the opportunities when they present. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had, and feel the time is now right for us to give someone else the opportunity to build on the solid foundations we have laid,” Jason said.

Auction details

The Raven herd will be offered on AuctionsPlus commencing at 1:00 pm AEST Friday 13 August through to 3:00 pm AEST Sunday 15 August 2021.

For further information please contact Laryn Gogel, Elders via email or phone 0436 020 245.

Please note: The auction will operate similarly to a real estate auction with a base start price listed and bids offered for the whole package, not individual animals.

Article written by Toni Nugent.