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Recognising dedication with One Elders – announcing the winners for July

The One Elders Awards program recognises and rewards employees and teams whose performance and safety outcomes, significantly contribute to business results and demonstrate our values-based culture. Each month Elders recognises high achievers in the areas of sales, operations and safety, who have demonstrated our values of integrity, customer focus, accountability, team work and innovation.

Our July winners of the One Elders Awards for demonstrating exceptional performance across sales operations and safety are Neville Wong, Angela Dicker and Maurice Eales.

One Elders Sales Performance Award

Neville Wong, Sales Support Officer at Shepparton has been awarded the One Elders Sales Performance Award.

Neville was awarded the One Elders Sales Performance Award for his initiative in taking on the role of water trader in addition to his usual role as a Sales Support Officer. With a number of staff leaving the branch, Neville realised this would leave a gap in their service offerings. He saw this as an opportunity to upskill and enable the branch to continue providing the services of water trading to the predominantly dairy and orchard clients in the region.

Neville gained knowledge of the compliance and governmental regulations required for water trading and has developed excellent trading skills and established a great relationship with new and existing clients in the region.

Neville was very proud to be recognised by his peers for this award. He said he took it upon himself to invest in his role, attend seminars and visit local water authorities to build his knowledge of water trading. He said, “I can definitely say that just by engaging and listening to clients I was able to learn a huge amount about the water industry”. He added that “I found having the trusted brand name of Elders behind me made it very easy to engage with clients”.

One Elders Operational Performance Award

Angela Dicker, Sales Support Officer in Horsham has won the One Elders Operational Performance Award.

Angela DickerAngela was awarded the Operational Performance Award for going above and beyond the role of Sales Support Officer to gain the skills and accreditation for the testing of sheep manure. Not a typical role for an SSO, but like Neville, Angela identified the gap in service offering when a staff member with the accreditation left the branch.

Angela said “It just made sense for me to step up and offer to help, so I called the local vet at the Department of Agriculture and asked for training in this field”.

By continuing to provide the testing service, our merchandise department can use the results to provide clients with the right drench required.

Angela is a well respected member of the team and always goes the extra mile to support the Horsham branch and her colleagues.

One Elders Safety Award

Maurice Eales, Farm Supplies Sales Representative has won the One Elders Safety Award.

Maurice EalesMaurice was awarded the Safety Award for using innovative thinking to ensure safety measures for loads on their new cage trailer for single pallet deliveries were implemented.

He found a solution for identifying the calculated midpoint of the load on the trailer by adding a gap in the cage for the straps. With his ingenuity, Maurice was able to alleviate the force from the straps on these loads and avoid damage to the gates and ensure correct weight distribution. With innovative thinking, an excellent result was achieved.

Maurice is a long-time loyal Elders employee who prides himself on delivering value and service to his customers. He also provides training for new farm supplies staff including supervising forklift use, with a 100% success rate of staff gaining their forklift license on their first attempt.