Recognising dedication with One Elders – announcing the winners for June - Elders Rural Services

Recognising dedication with One Elders – announcing the winners for June

The One Elders Awards program recognises and rewards employees and teams whose performance and safety outcomes, significantly contribute to business results and demonstrate our values-based culture. Each month Elders recognises high achievers in the areas of sales, operations and safety, who have demonstrated our values of integrity, customer focus, accountability, team work and innovation.

Our June winners of the One Elders Awards for demonstrating exceptional performance across sales operations and safety are Sarah McCormack, Debbie Pudney and Keanan Steinhard.

One Elders Sales Performance Award

Sarah McCormack, Sales Support Officer on Kangaroo Island has been awarded the One Elders Sales Performance Award.

Sarah was awarded the One Elders Sales Performance Award for her initiative in implementing what has now become, an annual 2 day expo at the Kingscote branch on Kangaroo Island.  With the discontinuation of the bi-annual Field Days on Kangaroo Island, Sarah saw this gap as an excellent opportunity for Elders to bring representatives to the Island to meet with existing and new clients and to demonstrate the great products and services Elders can offer its clients. After last years’ expo proved such a success, Sarah organised another expo which was held in May.

Sarah said “with the local field days ceasing in 2016, my intention was not to replace them, but to fill a void and hopefully grow it into something farmers would look forward to each year”.

With the word spreading that Elders Kingscote is the largest stockest of Master Butcher products, and the introduction of other products such as BOGS (a stylish gumboot designed to keep feet warm and comfortable even in -20 degree temperatures – perfect for cold winters on Kangaroo Island), Sarah has helped the branch expand its client base beyond that of farmers, with an increase in “walk ins” to the branch.

With Sarah’s determination to hold a bigger and better event, her passion for her clients and delivering great customer service, she plays a vital role at the Kangaroo Island branch.

One Elders Operational Performance Award

Debbie Pudney, Payroll and Shared Services Administrator in Adelaide has won the One Elders Operational Performance Award.

Debbie was awarded the Operational Performance Award for her exceptional effort in managing the payroll function during a period of staff shortage.  Not only did she move from a part-time role to full-time, but she took on greater responsibilities, moving into the role of Payroll Manager.

Debbie worked additional hours to ensure the function of payroll continued to run seamlessly for its network of employees across Australia.

Debbie was thrilled to be nominated for the award and recognised for her efforts.  “I am grateful for all the support and understanding I received at Elders and to my family who supported me during this busy time”.

Debbie is now very happy the team is fully resourced again and together, they manage this important function.

One Elders Safety Award

Keanan Steinhardt, Support Officer Farm Supplies in Gatton has won the One Elders Safety Award.

Keanan was awarded the Safety Award for his fast action when discovering a chemical leak during the unloading of a pallet of chemicals to the branch.  Whilst the spill was minor, his action to isolate the area and follow the spill kit training guidelines, resulted in the quick rectification of the leaking drum with no impact to staff or clients on the premises.

Keanan said he was very honoured to be nominated and said, “I was simply doing my job, and mindful of the risks from potential toxic fumes that can be hazardous”.  He said, “I followed the recommended procedures towards the control and clean-up of the spill”.

Keanan acted quickly to ensure the safety of himself and the people in the vicinity of the spill was paramount, and took exceptional responsibility of the situation.