Recognising dedication with One Elders – announcing the winners for September - Elders Rural Services

Recognising dedication with One Elders – announcing the winners for September

The One Elders Awards program recognises and rewards employees and teams whose performance and safety outcomes, significantly contribute to business results and demonstrate our values-based culture. Each month Elders recognises high achievers in the areas of sales, operations and safety, who have demonstrated our values of integrity, customer focus, accountability, team work and innovation.

Our September winners of the One Elders Awards for demonstrating exceptional performance across sales and operations are Keith Daddow and Roylene Reilly.

One Elders Sales Performance Award

Keith Daddow, Farm Supplies Sales Manager, Katanning, has been awarded the One Elders Sales Performance Award.

Keith Daddow
Keith Daddow

Keith won the One Elders Sales Performance Award for his infectious enthusiasm, his ‘can do’ attitude and for going above to help staff and improve customer relations. Keith’s dedication and passion for keeping sales at the front of mind in all branch activity has led to Katanning winning numerous sales competitions. His branch newsletter, ‘The Pulse’, keeps everyone up-to-date on sales activity and celebrates the achievements of all staff.

Keith recognises the benefits of being informed about the products sold in branch, often contacting product experts to build his knowledge and gain insight into the best way to market a product. This is demonstrated by how he rotates stock on display in key locations throughout the store to engage and improve the customer experience and to support add on sales.

On winning this One Elders Award, Keith said, “Whilst it might be me receiving the award, it’s indicative of how well we are travelling as a team, which has seen us go from the bottom of most sales leader boards to somewhere near the top.”

Keith is a fourth generation ‘Elders man’, who started with Elders straight out of school, as he says, “It’s just in the blood.”

Commenting on Katanning’s success, Keith said, the staff are passionate, love their clients and are willing to work hard, which they’re now starting to be rewarded for. Their motto for FY19 was ‘Persistence and Resilience’ – “Persistence to ask the question, and the Resilience to keep asking the question when we get knocked down.”

Due to Keith’s drive and passion, Katanning is almost 50% ahead of its sales targets and is tracking under budget on inventory costs. Currently, Keith is working on the Sakura and Boxer Gold campaign (Syngenta) and is on track to beat the past three years of sales combined. Congratulations Keith!

Further to his work in sales, Keith recently shared his experience of being diagnosed with, and of surviving, prostate cancer, for the Elders Stand Up Speak Up campaign. Keith speaks of the impact this has on his well being, as well as his family and work lives. More information on this campaign will be available soon.

One Elders Operational Performance Award

Roylene Reilly, Real Estate Franchise Manager, Brisbane, has won the One Elders Operational Performance Award.

Roylene Reilly
Roylene Reilly

Roylene won the One Elders Operational Performance Award for leading performance and driving beneficial change. In a tough market, Roylene has grown her office network, adding seven new franchise businesses. Part of this growth has seen Roylene successfully re-sign existing franchisees onto new five-year agreements that are highly favourable.

Roylene goes above and beyond for her team, and for the Elders business, including introducing several new home loan team members, and is the only franchise manager in Elders to increase office revenue each year for several years.

On finding out she’d won this award, Roylene said, “Just the nomination alone had left me humble and full of pride, but to receive a call from Mark Allison congratulating me on the win was momentous.”

Roylene understands the challenges faced by franchisees and believes the Elders point of difference is in providing constant on-the-ground support when it’s needed, “…we’ve been in their shoes. …we understand the difficulties when you want to walk away, but we’re still here and ready to acknowledge and celebrate the wins, when they finally come through!”

Roylene takes pride in the Elders brand and the good name we have in the industry, “We may not be fancy and shiny like the others out there, but we’re standing alongside when things get tough, not just putting our hand out for fees. We really help, whether it be from Admin support to Marketing or Sales skills that you need, we cover it and train it.”

“We’re not just in your corner, we’re by your side!” – Roylene Reilly

Her contribution to office culture and leading and empowering her team has led to an increase in profits and productivity across the franchise offices, and the belief within those teams that they can increase their revenue even further. Congratulations Roylene!

Keith and Roylene will be invited to join all 2019 One Elders Monthly Award Winners to celebrate at the One Elders Annual Award Night in December.