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Safety top of mind for Elders Ballarat

Elders Ballarat’s Farm Supplies Rep, Charles Burn has been recognised with the Company’s monthly One Elders Safety Award for his commitment to ensuring the branch exceeds safety standards.

As the safety administrator for the branch since joining Elders in 2014, Mr Burn regularly communicates with the team to ensure they keep safety top of mind.

Mr Burn also instigated the installation of speed humps at the entrances to the branch yard. The team have seen a significant reduction of speeds travelled by all vehicles coming in and out of the branch.

Additionally, Mr Burn researched and sourced several lifting and strapping apparatuses for the branch’s delivery truck to assist with the loading and unloading and securing of loads. He says that it is everyone’s responsibility to address safety issues in the workplace.

“Elders has a diverse work environment, everything from livestock right down to the shop floor. In addition to employee safety, we also have a responsibility to the broader community and clientele visiting our work place. Within these areas safety must always be at the forefront and constant assessment of your surroundings is very important.”

“To ensure a safe working environment at Elders Ballarat, we strive to be open and honest, look out for one another and report or fix problems as they arise.

“Ultimately, everyone is responsible for their own safety, and there is nothing so important that it can’t be done safely.”

Mr Burn says there aren’t many Thursdays until Christmas, (less than 14) so he’s getting in early with the Merry Christmas, and stay safe message.

Elders’ Area Manager, Sean Simpson says Charles has worked tirelessly to improve the safety culture of the branch since joining the team, consistently making suggestions for improvements, which have made a significant difference.

“He works conscientiously and diligently to ensure safety is front of mind for the team, through discussions at branch meetings, timely and comprehensive reports to the Safety Action Team, and through the Risk Radar process – his efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed.”

In recognition of his award within the business, Mr Burn will be invited to attend the annual One Elders awards in December, with the opportunity to win the overall safety performance award for 2017.