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Secure your boundaries from external pests & disease with Waratah fencing solutions

Reducing the bio security risks associated with feral and wild animals is an essential step in managing your farming enterprise.

Scott Balsille’s property in St George was facing significant pressure from feral animals destroying their large-scale irrigation crop containing hectares of cotton, wheat, sorghum, oats, chickpeas and more, with substantial pressure on cotton. They would often find pigs rooting all the dirt from the top of the row bed and down onto the furrow causing the running syphons to pool, which would kill the cotton. The pigs also liked to come along and chew the soft seeds when the boll is maturing. At its worst, Scott said, “a couple of hectares were flattened to the ground by wild pigs. It didn’t matter how much you tried to eradicate them they just kept popping up!”. Wild pigs can also cause major biosecurity threats to the property and often carry diseases that can infect crops. With Scott’s farming enterprise facing a loss of 30-40 hectares each crop he urgently needed to find a solution.

To gain more control, Scott implemented a Waratah exclusion fencing system. The Longlife Blue® colour technology 15/150/15 Stocksafe-T® wire fence with the additional security of the Stocksafe-T® apron and 1.8mm barb on top, gave Scott the most effective barrier against digging, climbing & jumping feral threats. Supported by Waratah’s 225cm Blue latch™ posts that make for a quick and simple installation.



After installing the fence, Scott noticed the number of feral pigs entering the property had significantly reduced and allowed for the crops to grow without damage.

“We’ve had a lot of feral animals trying to get out and get back in, and we’ve seen them hit up against the fence and it doesn’t move at all”. This fence has saved the property thousands of dollars through increased productivity, while also saving time and man power. Waratah provide a top-quality steel exclusion fencing solution that you can trust.

Scott’s advice, “Exclusion fencing is something you can’t afford NOT to do!”.

For more information on how Waratah fencing can help you visit or watch Scott’s story on Waratah’s YouTube page.



Article written by Waratah for the Autumn 2021 edition of Seasons Magazine.

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