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Setting up for a solid season

Jamestown farmer Pete Kitschke is reaping the benefits of a thorough pre-emergent strategy that targets ryegrass and sets him up for a solid season.

Running a 2200ha cropping enterprise, Pete says that using Boxer Gold with guidance from his Elders agronomist Darren Pech, has allowed him to counteract the negative effects of wet conditions and prepare for the months ahead.

“I’ve been using Boxer Gold since its release in 2008 and have seen great results compared to other chemicals that the ryegrass have developed resistances to,” says Pete.

“Darren’s experience and knowledge of what products will work for our conditions are invaluable in my preparation for each season,” he says.

Elders Jamestown agronomist Darren Pech says that minimising the impacts of ryegrass early on is a crucial step in maximising crop yields and preventing problems long-term.

“With wet seasons like we had in 2016, ryegrass numbers can explode quickly if early action is not taken, like using a product such as Boxer Gold at sowing or early post emergent,” says Darren.

“There are a number of products on the market, but we have found this one to perform particularly well in high pressure ryegrass paddocks, for both wheat and barley, and also as a post emergent option compared with the group A options, to which ryegrass is mostly resistant to these days.”

For more information on what chemicals may be best for your pre-emergent strategy, and enter the draw to win one of 20 $5000 cash prizes, contact your local Elders agronomist or visit the Elders Purchase and Win page.

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